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Maroubra Beach Kettlebell Training… Your New Therapy

By Peter Bolsius September 4, 2012


Maroubra Beach Kettlebell Training… Your New Therapy

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on September 4, 2012.

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If you are feeling a bit down, and low in self esteem… What do you do? I have found many turn to food, or just close themselves up in their room. Have you been guilty of this? Well, let me tell you that is just making it worse! Let me show you how getting involved in fitness training classes, like ours near Maroubra Beach, can change your world around. You will make new lifelong friends, get healthy, look great and feel amazing… Pretty good huh?

eastgardens fitness training pullup motivation

Fitness training will make you look and feel better!

Only you have the power to change things for the better…

Now, what you are going to do is get angry at yourself, speak really tough to yourself and shout:

“Get up and get outside!”
“Stop being soft and go train!”

That is what you are going to yell at yourself. You are going to train like a crazy person! You’re gonna run, jump, sprint, pull, push!

You know what you have to do! Just get out there! Push as hard as you can. Dig deep. The whole time you are going to be yelling at yourself (This can be done with your internal voice – we don’t want them dragging you away!)

“Keep going!” “Dig deeper!” “Push, push, push!!!”

Get in the best workout you have ever had! Go home, have a shower and now go out (Yes, get out of the house!) and eat something really healthy.

Right, now how do you feel? Maybe a bit tired but a hell of a lot better than before! Fitness training is your new therapy!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get into fitness training

STORY: a guy I train lives the code. He doesn’t make excuses and his results so far speak for themselves. No excuses. He has just broken up with his girl friend of 3 or 4 years. He is really hurting, feeling depressed, lonely and all the other horrible feelings that you feel when you break up. Poor guy is doing it really hard.

I’m going to call this guy Joe. Now, up to this point, Joe has been working hard on his fitness training and nutrition through classes at Mojo Strength, near Maroubra Beach. He has made phenomenal gains in strength, his conditioning has improved incredibly (he could hardly get through the warm-up when he started), and he has dropped over 20 kgs! All this in 7 months!

The ‘old’ Joe, before he started kettlebell training with me, would have felt really sorry for himself. He would have gone to the supermarket, or fast food outlet and bought all sorts of rubbish food. He would close himself away, and eat and eat and eat for days on end.

When he finally would come out, he would come out fatter, more unhappy and a hell of a lot more unhealthy. He would go to Macca’s or KFC and pig out some more on some real “comfort food” and eat his way to… to what? To happiness? I don’t think so. To more misery because he would feel even worse.

But not Joe!

Kettlebell training will make you happier

Joe has changed. He will still feel bad of course, BUT… He takes a different approach. Joe attacks his kettlebell training with a vengeance! He takes all that frustration and pain out with kettlebells, swings, Turkish Get Ups, Goblet squats, Kettlebell Carries…….. Joe smashes it!

When he has finished a coaching session with kettlebells, Joe is feeling like a different man. He has just had one of the best training sessions of his life! Has his pain disappeared? No, but he feels better, he has taken a positive step towards getting on with it.

If Joe had gone to (fill in the space) and pigged out he would feel even worse than before, but he didn’t! He stuck to his positive approach and is moving on. This is what YOU have to do too! Life is always going to throw adversity at you.

You might lose your job, or a loved one. You might incur a serious financial set back, whatever, use your kettlebell training as therapy. Get physical and destroy those negative emotions by getting involved. Will it fix the problem? Probably not, but it will make you a stronger and more positive person so you can cope and deal with the situation better.

Check out how the guys at the Alpha Male Project are using group fitness training to deal with the stresses in their life in the video below – Inspiring stuff!

Kettlebell training will help you deal with your problems

Joe is coping, he’s getting out to meet new people. He is more confident in himself and his training. Joe’s kept up his fitness training, and works even harder in the kitchen to get himself in the best shape of his life! He knows who he is, and I’m proud of him. A lot of people would have given up, but not Joe. He is here for the long haul, he has made fitness training his new therapy.

I have been doing this for years. I used to suffer from depression and I use kettlebell training as my therapy. It works! So, if you are feeling good, bad or anywhere in between, get out there right now and get some therapy time. Make training your new lifestyle, your “feel good”.

It does take time, but it is positive. Go now, it’s therapy time !!

Looking for kettlebell training with REAL results near Maroubra Beach?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Maroubra Beach.

Thanks for reading.

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eastgardens fitness training pullup motivation