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surprised bubThe feeling you get when you sign up to the StrongFirst Instructor Cert.!


Pushing that button changes everything!

It is amazing how everything just changes as soon as you sign up. I can’t describe it. I was talking to my good friend and fellow SFG instructor Garry Robinson the other day about this. We both had exactly the same reaction when we signed up.

FAAAAAR OUT!….IT’S ON! No Turning Back!

It gives you purpose, eliminates the excuses! It’s ON! You know what needs to be done. You do it.

Your training is deliberate, it has purpose.

If you are serious about doing the cert….change it from talk to walk!

Sign up as early as possible to get that “IT’S ON!” feeling. Kettlebell rack

I can’t think of another moment in time when I had so much purpose to my training.




emergency fitIt can happen at any time and if it does and you aren’t ready, bam who knows how you will come out? If you are a front line sort of guy e.g firey, cop, ambo, the chances of you being in an emergency situation multiplies by the thousands. you guys face this stuff everyday! Do you ever stop and ask yourself (more…)

Are you looking to set some PB’s in your lifts? Grip strength training is an important part of lifting more, as well as a range of many other everyday activities. Let me share with you some great tips I have picked up over the years coaching at Mojo Strength in Matraville.

Grip training isn’t just for strength exercises, but for everyday life

Firstly, let’s look at why grip training is important. If you are “frontliner” as in a cop, firey or ambo/medic there will be plenty of occasions where a grip could be life saving. Examples, the bad guy won’t get away, you won’t let go of that kid or person where the only difference between life and death for them is your grip strength. Remember the Queensland floods where the rescuer couldn’t hold onto the kid?

If you’re an “average Joe” grip is important for exactly the same reasons as above. Plus you never know what might happen and you will never wanna be in the position to be saying if only, I tell the guys at the Alpha Male Project this all the time!

Try these grip strength exercises

So let’s get to it! If you have a barbell, you can thicken the bar by wrapping a towel around it. Thick bars are great for grip strength.

  • With this do the one handed deadlift”: straddle the bar, grip it in the middle, squeeze like crazy and lift the thing off the ground.
  • Next you can throw the towel over a chin up bar and grab each end. Start punching out those pullups, you will soon find your grip will start to tire before your strength starts to give in. Work hard at these.
  • If you have some short thick rope (e.g 2 inch) you can use that instead, or by using a t-shirt you can get used to hanging onto the cloth which could be very effective for frontline guys and gals.
  • The old standby of grippers can really help build a crushing grip and have been a staple for grip training exercises for years. But, please get good quality grippers that actually challenge your grip. Some of these grippers are so easy my grandmother could close them all day without getting tired! Get at least 150lb grippers for a guy, and 100lb for the gals. Hold ’em for time, or for close ’em for reps.

My video below has further tips on how you can increase your grip strength with simple grip strength exercises:

Keep practising these grip strength exercises to see results

That will get you started. If you want some serious grip training, come in to our gym in Matraville and have a play with our “Rolling Thunder” or our pinch grip plates. Maybe the thick handled I beams for distance might be what fries ’em. We’ve got plenty of toys for you.

matraville strength exercises deadlift

Grip strength exercises will make you deadlift more

Looking for help with your grip strength exercises in Matraville?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Matraville.

Thanks for reading.

matraville strength exercisesPeter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project