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In my years as a strength coach, training hundreds of athletes, there is one important fact I have learned. What if I told you the dreaded scales don’t paint the whole picture?

So often I hear people complaining about making minimal losses on the scales, as if this was the barometer for success. Let me explain to you how you should really be gauging your training successes.

Master strength coach shares sage advice

I just had the opportunity to spend 3 days with Master Strength Coach Dan John. WOW, it was fantastic. The consummate professional.

I came away with so much new information I wouldn’t know where to start. So, I’m going to break some of his tips and advice down into little blog posts to share with you these gems of wisdom.

Here’s one about the “love affair with the scale”.

Scales don’t tell the story, look at the full package

At the conference Strength Coach Dan John said to us (I’m paraphrasing here):

If a lady is walking down the beach in a bikini, do you really think the guy checking her out is going to be thinking: “I reckon she must weigh about 65-66kgs”? Of course not! The guy isn’t thinking that, he is looking at the whole package!

So my question to you is: why do you get so hung up the numbers on the scale?

Scales don’t represent your progress

Yesterday, I had a lady at the Alpha Female Project weigh herself, she gained 500grams on the scale, yet she lost 2.5 cms from her waist. What did she concentrate on? The fucking 500grams! For her it was a fail.

Question, what was the 500grams?

Water? Maybe she had her period? Lunch? When during the day did she weigh herself last time?

Muscle? She lifts heavy, did she put on 500 grams of muscle?

See the dilemma? It’s just a number. It tells us nothing.

My daughter is another one. She has a great body, but she’s always judging progress by the scales.

“I’m just curious” she says. “Bullshit!” I reply. “Get off the fucking scales!

A real strength coach won’t focus on the scales

Do you want to change your body? Concentrate on these numbers instead. If you can reach these numbers then losing weight isn’t going to be a problem for you (unless you are eating a bucket of ice cream everyday).

fitness course strength coach randwick

Focus on hitting your goals in the gym, and ignore the scales

Do you want to lose weight? Get away from the scale. Concentrate on eating more vegetables, lean protein and drinking more water. Get stronger!

That’s the takeaway today.

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Chifley Strength CoachPeter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project

Do you want to look great? Let me show you how you can achieve it with some simple changes to your strength training program.

This is what I tell the guys when they come to my gym near Maroubra:

Stop thinking about weight loss, fat loss and all that other shit.

This is what you need to concentrate on…

Women’s simple strength training program

  • Get to a deadlift 1.25 x your bodyweight for 3 strict reps.
    Example: if you weigh say, 65kg B/W, that would equate to 65kg x 1.25 = 82kg deadlift x 3 strict perfect reps. This is key to any solid strength training workout!
  • Do 15 super strict, Mojo style, push-ups. Watch my tutorial below explaining the perfect technique for push-ups that we teach at Mojo Strength:


  • Do 3 x un-assisted bodyweight pull-ups.
  • Swing a 32kg kettlebell for 10 solid reps

Men’s simple strength training program

  • Deadlift 1.75 bodyweight for 3 strict reps. e.g. 85kg B/W x 1.75 = 148kgs x 3
  • Press double Kettlebells of 1/3 bodyweight overhead. Do I need to say it? STRICT!!
  • Do 15 Strict un-assisted Tactical Pull-ups.
  • Snatch a 24kg kettlebell for 100 solid reps in 5 minutes or less
maroubra strength training kettlebell swing

Kettle bell swings are another core exercise for effective strength training

Again, these should all be staples for any worthwhile strength training plan, if you want to see results.

These strength training exercises will help you reach your goals

If you put all your effort in reaching these goals, you will look good!

All the girls at Mojo Strength that can do that have NO weight issues. NONE! Guys who can do that are solid, strong, and well built.

You see when you concentrate on achieving these strength training goals instead of your weight, or how “fat” you might be, you start chasing something different. Strength and fitness!

Question: How many strong and fit people do you know who are overweight? Unless they are in the heavyweight division of an olympic team… none! They are jacked!

Focus on the important things and forget about your weight!

This isn’t going to happen overnight and you still need to be aware of what you eat. But, if you concentrate on getting stronger, being able to lift more and able to do more, then everything else is easy. Spend the next 6 months just chasing these goals through your strength training. Be relentless in achieving them and I guarantee you will have totally transformed! 

Looking for a strength training class that will help you see REAL results in Maroubra?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Maroubra.

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Chifley Strength CoachPeter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project


The first thing that springs to mind when you mention fat loss to most people is the dreaded treadmill, and if you don’t know me already, I loathe treadmills. What if I had if I told you there was a more effective way to increase fat loss? Let me explain how a proper strength training program will stimulate fat loss even when you aren’t training…

A proper strength program burns fat fast

So, what do I think of when thinking fat loss? Weights!! kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, tyres, beams, bodyweight, all great fat burners if done right. So, how do we do it and why?

bondi junction strength program tyre flip

Tyre flips are great for fat loss when done correctly

Training heavy weights for reps with short rest intervals increases your strength training intensity immensely. What that does is it helps you burn more fat well after you have finished training.

What does a strength program that burns fat consist of?

So, let’s say you train for an hour, let’s make it a bodyweight/kettlebell session, heavy weights, (relative to your strength levels) big exercises where you work a lot of muscle and little to no rest periods between exercises.

The session pushes you but you feel good at the end. You could have burned anywhere from 300-500 calories, nothing special however, listen up, you could easily be burning calories for another 24 to 48 hours after your session depending on how hard you have trained. How good is that?

Increase your metabolism with a practical strength program

So, that’s one advantage of weights, another is that when trying to lose weight one tends to restrict calories, right? Well, if you don’t exercise while dieting (did I just say diet? Another thing I don’t like) you will lose a lot of muscle tissue with that weight you lose.

What that means is you will have less metabolically active tissue (muscle) at the end of your “diet period” than when you started. The consequences are terrible, your metabolism slows, you have less muscle to burn the calories you ingest and you gain more weight most of which will be fat and you end up worse off than before i.e more fat, less muscle – not good!

Check out Jeanine’s testimonial below, and the amazing effects it has had on her body.

A strength program that works

What we do at Mojo Strength near Bondi Junction is this: utilising weights, we are able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

I have girls here who train and after several weeks they have not lost any weight! WHAT?? take it easy, Their body weight may not have changed but their body composition has changed totally. They are thinner, their measurements are smaller and their jeans or shorts or dresses or bikinis fit way better than before.

So how does that work? Check out the picture below. see the difference in volume between fat and muscle? This is why I put very little emphasis on “weight loss” rather lets concentrate on body composition.

Strength Program Bondi Junction fat Loss muscle gain

Muscle is far denser than fat

The proven Mojo Strength program

So, when you join up with Mojo Strength we do the following: take a “before” picture, so you can see where you started. We take body measurements, and we also do a body fat test. So, now we have our starting parameters and we can then test them every month.

If something isn’t moving, we can tweak what might need tweaking to get it going. I want to see improvement from month to month, and of course so do you.

Numbers can lie when it comes to body composition

If you see you have lost say 200gms on the scale in a month….that wouldn’t be real motivating, would it? 200 grams for 1 month’s effort? What if on the other hand you saw you lost 3cm from your waist, 4 cm from your hips and your body fat was down 3%. Now that would be much more motivating wouldn’t it?

These numbers are common for us each and every month. Helen (one of our new members in the Alpha Female Project, who had never trained in her life before coming to Mojo Strength) said to me; “Peter, I haven’t lost any weight on the scales yet, but gee I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit me”

Now, we don’t do any loooooong runs or treadmill work, no 50 minute “cardio sessions” or 50 minute ab classes, what we do is strength AND conditioning. Often one day will be centred on building strength and muscle (no you won’t look like Arnold), while the next will be centred around building your fitness levels.

An example of the Mojo Strength program:

What did we do today? Ok, obviously it all starts with the warmup, then we did the following:

Using descending ladders i.e 10-8-6-4-2 for reps

We super-setted Kettlebell snatches with box jumps.

Sandbag cleans with Ring dips (modified where necessary)

Trap bar deadlifts with toes to bar.

This was hard and fast and everyone was feeling it the day aft, but it works!! It changes constantly as I am crossfit certified, and like to throw an element of crossfit into my training programs. You won’t get bored that’s for sure and your strength and conditioning will improve month to month – so why not try it for free now?

Looking for a strength program that will show you REAL results near Bondi Junction?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Bondi Junction.

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matraville strength training Peter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project



I see a lot of guys training hard to gain size with little or no results throughout Randwick. When the gains don’t come they go out and spend a tonne of money on protein powders, amino acid caps and bull testicle super max gaining formula or whatever bullshit the supplement company is peddling. In my years of fitness training I have found out the secret to gaining muscle with a proven strength program, that we teach at Mojo Strength.

The “secret” to muscle gain really is no secret. It’s simple. Not easy, but simple. Let me explain it to you.

Compound exercises are key for an effective strength program

Get strong in the big basic lifts. This means:

  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Dips
  • Rows
  • Pull-ups
  • Overhead press
  • Squats
randwick strength program squat

Squats are a core exercise for any strength program

Add one rep every week for several weeks. Continue by adding weight, and go again for several weeks. Add in 1 de-load week every 4 weeks to give your body a rest.

Here are the steps for a killer strength program:

  • You will do weights twice a week.
  • Squats, benches and rows on day 1
  • Deadlifts, dips and pull-ups on day 2.
  • Do 5 sets of 5 reps on each exercise adding weight with each set till you get to your working weight for the day.
  • You will do 3 sets with your working weight.
  • Do not go too heavy too soon!

This is a problem most guys have. Impatience is the killer of all good routines. Start your cycle at 80% of your max, this means you could still do 2, 3 or even 4 more reps if you pushed it hard.

YES! Your first workouts will be easy, savour them because it won’t last!

  • On your second week you will add 1 rep to all your sets = 5 x 6 reps
  • Your third week add 1 rep to all your sets = 5 x 7
  • On your fourth week add 1 rep to all your sets 5 x 8
  • Now you will take a week to de-load, same weight, do 5 x 5, that’s it. No more.

See how easy it is to get those 5 reps? The following week you will add a small dose of iron to the bar (5 kgs to squats and deadlifts, 2.5 kgs to the others) and do 5 x 5 again add a rep a week for the next 3 weeks and de-load again with that weight. This is the strength program we teach the guys at the Alpha Male Project.

Be consistent with your new strength program, but don’t overdo it

Now, listen up, the following cycle or the one after that is gonna get extremely difficult.


If you struggle getting your reps on the first or second work set, just add that 1 rep to only one set, and stick to the previous week’s rep count for the remaining.

Example, you are doing benches, you do your 2 or 3 warmups sets, load the bar to your working weight for the day. Let’s say last week you got 5 x 6, and this week you are aiming at 5 x 7. You’ve done 2 x 7 warm up. Got your bar loaded for the 3 work sets, punch out your first set of 7 reps. These 7 reps are really hard! Ok, don’t do 7 reps on the remaining 2 sets, do only 6.

The following week do 2 x 7, or if you feel strong do 3 x 7. If you are struggling, stay at that rep count for an extra week. Consolidate your gains and be patient.

OK so to really simplify this strength program lets look at it this way: Add weight, add reps, de-load, add weight, add reps de-load, add weight add…

Keep your motivation up by smashing your goals

Get your excitement from that extra weight or that extra rep. Get really excited about it. Think about it before your sets. Knowing you are doing more than you have before should get you fired up! You are getting bigger, and you are getting stronger with a proper strength program!

On your off days:

  • 2 x a week, do 6 to 8 short hard sprints of 50 odd metres each, hard and fast.
  • Add to that some pushups, always sub max reps, leave a few in the tank ALWAYS!
  • A few pull-ups, again sub max. Just stimulate your muscles.

These little workouts you change up every week for variety, just keep them brief and simple.

  • Do broad jumps
  • Jump on tyres
  • Jumping lunges
  • Jumping squats
randwick strength program star jumps

Complete light conditioning work on your strength program off days.

Punch out those push-ups and pull-ups, always at submax. Don’t over do it. This is more a conditioning/recovery session. You aren’t trying to build muscle, or max out. My video below shows you some great tips to warm up and cool down, and will help you fight muscle soreness:

Incorporate a quality nutritional plan with your strength program

OK that’s the strength program part. But, nutrition also plays a huge role in this, and I’d easily say 70%, YES 70% of muscle gain comes from eating right.

Again this is gonna be simple. Most guys I speak to tell me they eat heaps, but in reality they eat nothing. Most school girls eat more! I thought I ate heaps too until I wrote it down…

Create a food diary

Get a little notebook and pen, carry it everywhere and write down everything you eat during the day. How many eggs, how many wraps or sandwiches, what you eat and drink. Everything!

Doing this allows you to both evaluate how much you are eating and also what you are eating. You can analyse the quality of your food or if you are just winging it. Consistent, quality food is the key especially if you are a skinny bastard.

If you are a fat bastard, again watch the quality, always eat quality, and then quantity.

Instead, if you are getting fat, cut back. Likewise, if you aren’t gaining increase. If you don’t write down what you eat how will you know where to cut back or increase.

Clean, quality eating will improve muscle gains

A good strength program isn’t just enough. You need to eat clean foods. Tuna, chicken, steak, eggs, fish should make up most of your protein needs. 2 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight. If you do wanna use a protein powder use a good one with all natural ingredients. Try 180 protein. It has no sugar or shit fillers, and is easy to digest. It’s the only supplement I endorse.

The rest of your diet should be vegies, heaps and heaps of them. If you are a skinny bastard eat plenty of wholegrain rice as well. If you are overweight, reduce any amount of sugar and reduce carbs as much as possible. Write it all down kiddies!! Eat food guys, plenty of food and drink water. Get rid of the shit energy drinks, coke and all the other crap drinks.

Change your strength program, improve your nutrition and you WILL see muscle gains!

Looking for a strength program with REAL results in Randwick?

If you need help setting and achieving your strength program goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Randwick.

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Peter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project