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This was Crazy. We Ran, Are You Fit to Survive?

This video shows the moment mass hysteria broke out at the Juve v Madrid public showing in a square in Turin Italy. It turned into total chaos and panic.

We were there, we were lucky. After the score became 3-1 Madrid’s way (we are in deep Juve country here), we left as I said, “this might get ugly.”

not 2 minutes into our walk, people came running and screaming down towards us.

What do you do in that situation? Run!

I thought I was going to be crushed (girl from Turin)

The Mess, The Chaos 

There were broken glass bottles everywhere, as people had just put them on the ground after drinking them, so when everyone stampeded, many lost shoes in the chaos and had to run through broken glass! People running and screaming, the sound got louder as more people ran towards us. “F#ck, Let’s go!”

Fot to Survive

Are You Fit to Survive?

The lack of fitness, and how it affected so many was startling. You start running, so many in panic, and they can’t run 200 metres without being out of breath! The look of fear and helplessness, even 1 young guy who was probably not even 20, was struggling.

Several groups managed to open a large door to a residence building and hide. They were freaking because they couldn’t run any further. That must be a scary feeling.

Home for us was only a few blocks away. We kept going. We had to get there! It’s a crazy situation. We just saw 100s of people running and screaming! We ran. But the look of suffering on some faces as they struggled to run! People kept coming but they were already exhausted. I can only imagine how that must add to the fear and panic!

I have written about this before, but honestly, really didn’t think I’d be in the middle of something like this.

Obviously, we know it can happen, but what are the chances? This day and age, chances are much higher.

Here’s a clip of Tina and I just before this happened.

I still don’t know what caused it, 1 thing I do know? Being fit to survive gave us much more peace of mind.

Was it scary? Yes, but knowing you can run and crawl and jump and move just makes you feel a little bit better.

That’s just something to think about when you next go into the gym or park to train or do what you do. Train to be fit to survive!

Have a peaceful and wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.

Peter BolsiusKettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1