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I get to see plenty of shitty examples of pull-up/chin-up when people first come to the gym to exercise near Kingsford. We do our best to get them out of those habits and onto some decent pull-ups. Let me explain to you four key tips to improve yours.

Improve your pull-up exercise with these key tips

  • Pack your shoulders. See the picture below. Engage your lats, keep tight and DON’T “just hang” in the bottom position. That will just put huge stress on your shoulders and leave you open to injury. So, pull on the bar at all times to keep you into the tight position throughout the exercise.

    Kingsford Exercise Pull Up

    Tight shoulders are vital for a perfect pull-up exercise


  • CRUSH the bar. Just squeeze the shit out of it. White knuckle tight. This will help with engaging all your pulling muscles throughout the exercise and tell your brain “there’s work to do motherfucker!!”
    kingsford exercise pull up

    Make the bar your enemy and your pull-up exercise form will improve


  • Pull the bar to your chest. Think in terms of pulling the bar down instead of pulling yourself up to the bar. In the video below I explain how you can work towards getting your first unassisted pull-up:

  • Pull hard and concentrate on driving your elbows down and into your rib cage. Pull HARD!  This is what will help your get your chin over the bar.


  • …Yeah, I know the title says “4” but this is a no brainer. Get strong doing a full range of exercise movements. Dead hang to chin over bar. Hold for 1-2 seconds in the hang and the chin over bar positions. Don’t be Harry half rep.

Make the exercise harder to gain strength

Dr Ken Leistner wrote in one of his “steel tip” newsletters “Make exercises harder to gain strength, Make them easier to demonstrate strength”.

I hope these tips help you with your pull-up form!

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