It’s on again! 14 Day Paleo Project

Enter into the Christmas break on the right foot.

Do this 2 week’s of Paleo Eating to get into great shape.


Starts Tuesday 24th of November. 7.00pm at Mojo Strength.

We have had sooooo much success with this in the past that we want to hit it up again just before Xmas. So you look good.

Yes, I know that parties, functions and all the rest pop up, but with a little forethought and our help you will make it through no problem!

Feed the muscle, starve the fat!

Included in this challenge:

A printed, 2 week meal plan manual to follow, for either male or female. This spells out EXACTLY what to eat for the next 2 weeks.

Lots of tips and tricks to not only survive, but to thrive through the festive season.

Learn what and how to eat at parties and events. What to drink and what to order.

A Facebook page where you can add what you like, take away what you need, and join in to what your fellow challengers are doing. All to help you get inspired and stay on track!


kettlebell gal

Training tips and extra workouts to burn those surplus calories and lean right out. 

While everyone else puts on weight, you will shred it. 

Join up now! Cost Members $50 for the 2 weeks, Non-Members $65.

Sign up HERE add Paleo-Project in the subject line.