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The Kettlebell Swing for Fat Loss

By Peter Bolsius October 26, 2015


The Kettlebell Swing for Fat Loss

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on October 26, 2015.

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If you were looking for 1 perfect exercise—one that would not only burn heaps of calories and fat, but also build muscle, boost your fitness levels, improve your posture and keep you from getting lower back pain… then here it is……. the kettlebell swing!

The Swing: Fat Burning Athlete Builder

The Swing: Fat Burning Athlete Builder

The Kettlebell Swing has been hailed as the best fat loss exercise ever! Big claim?  Well. I’ll just tell why I think it might be. 

1) When you hit KB swings with a decent weight for reps, your heart rate goes through the roof, it’s like doing all-out sprints!

We often do sets of 10 EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes. The first couple of sets are ok, but as we progress that rest time seems to get shorter and shorter and by the end you know you are stimulating a lot of body tissue!


2) The KB Swing requires a lot of muscle mass to move the kettlebell.

The glutes, hamstrings, lower back, upper back, quads, abs, obliques, shoulders, arms, forearms are all highly engaged during the swing. When engaging that much muscle during an exercise for high reps, you can only expect it to have a huge impact on your metabolism while building some serious fat burning muscle!

3) The KB Swing is a truly wonderful exercise for building and shaping the butt. Often called “kettlebooty”

What other reason do you need to get into doing swings for reps? We see the changes in “Booty” shape with all our clients doing swings.

The most important thing with the kettlebell swing (or any other exercise) is to do it right! Look for good instruction. There are so many trainers out there that unfortunately don’t have a clue. Look for a qualified StrongFirst instructor HERE. Anyone who has a StrongFirst instructor’s certificate has earned it.

So, here are a couple of great ways you can incorporate swings into your program.

1) We like to do 10 sets of 10 swings EMOM. You can do this before your training, or at the end of your training or on your off days.

2) Do a set of swings after each exercise in your existing routine. example: do 1 set of pull-ups add 1 set of swings. rest 1 minute repeat.

3) Do this Swings x 10 bear crawl 20 metres rest 1 minute repeat x 10. This can be a stand alone conditioning workout.


There are 3 options to integrate swings into your program.

If you want to dial in your swing technique, learn different variations or just train hard….

try us out. click HERE





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