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Mojo Strength has helped numerous clients achieve their fitness goals!

Dear Peter,

I have been asked often why I train, my answer is I train because I love it! It challenges me physically and mentally and especially the changes that come with it. You promised me that I would never be bored and how right you have been. You made me realise that exercise is enjoyable, not always easy, but always worthwhile! Each and every day I feel more comfortable with who I am and a little closer to the person I want to become.

Thank you for all your commitment, encouragement and support it has kept me motivated, engaged and determined.

Thank you for helping me get my mojo back!

Kirsty M.

Training at mojo strength has changed me for the better. i always hated gyms, running, pump classes etc. finally I have found something challenging that I actually enjoy. (and I’m loving what I’m seeing in the mirror) the training is creative and it pushes you to levels you never thought you could reach. Thanks Mojo, can’t wait to keep surprising you with the awesomeness you’ve created. Bring it!!!

Eve V.

I started at Mojo Strength on 20 Aug 12. My goal was to develop lean muscle, to get some of my strength back and reduce my body fat. Although I had a good base fitness for cardio, I was very weak and I was suffering from injuries from running due to the lack of strength in my upper legs.

It only took 2 weeks of training with Pete and I could feel the difference, from then there was no turning back. I did modify my eating as well to support my training with Pete but once you start feeling good about yourself you don’t want to put rubbish in your body anymore.

I love the diverse training we do at Mojo Strength and after every session I walk away feeling like I’ve achieved something towards my health and well being. I now have physical goals that I thought would be unachievable at my age, but they are just around the corner through the training Pete provides. As for my appearance (a side effect from strength training), it is amazing how many comments I receive from people and that is a great feeling heading into summer.

Sondra K.

We are loving it. I tried on a pair of jeans that I haven’t fitted into in ages last night and they are comfortable again. We just love being better. It’s never felt like a diet either. So much more than that! I think we made a conscious decision to change our lifestyle and came to Mojo to help us achieve that. We are in it for the long run and are loving it. Thank you for all your help so far Mojo Strength!

Ash & Adam North



“I am absolutely stoked about the training, I honestly could not be happier.  I love the programme and really look forward to each and every session, every week I feel like I’m getting stronger both physically and mentally.  MOJO is an awesome and apt name for the gym as I reckon over the last 4 months I’ve got some of my Mojo back and have been amazed at how much just a few short intense training sessions a week can make such a huge difference.

I’m also pretty damn happy to have a trainer with so much knowledge and “in the trenches” experience, so thank you mate it really is awesome to have you not only writing the programmes but watching over and encouraging all the way, especially when things are getting a bit tough.   I would have joined MOJO long before I did had I known that a little gem of “old school” strength existed just down the road.  I hope to be training there for years to come (I’ve got a heap of goals) – I love the place and the people are great it feels like a little tribe and to me that is just gold.”

– Chris Frawley