Strength Training

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Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Beginner Dumbbell Training Very simple beginner workout you can do with just 2 […] Read more.

You Have a Kitchen, Doesn’t Make You a 5 Star Chef

You Have Kitchen…. Here in the video, we look at some basic mistakes […] Read more.

Training with Purpose: Become Fit, Strong & Powerful.

 Training with Purpose: Alpha Male Project, we train with purpose. There are no […] Read more.

F@CKING STAND UP! Why we train on our feet.

Sitting, the Death of The Alpha Male. We sit all day. GET UP! […] Read more.

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KETTLEBELL SNATCH PRACTICE The video above is about swings, not snatches…..why? Well, first […] Read more.

Deadlift Strength Training Malabar

Do You Want to Increase Your Strength or Do You Want to be Entertained?

This  question was posed to us by StrongFirst master instructor Shaun Cairns at the […] Read more.

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Chifley Strength Coach says, “Scales, You Liar!”

In my years as a strength coach, training hundreds of athletes, there is one […] Read more.

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Maroubra Strength Training – Think fit, not fat!

Do you want to look great? Let me show you how you can […] Read more.

How to Clean & Press a Beer Keg Safely & Effectively.

Hi Crew. Working with water-filled or semi-water-filled beer kegs is a great way […] Read more.