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Chifley Strength Coach says, “Scales, You Liar!”

By Peter Bolsius November 25, 2015


Chifley Strength Coach says, “Scales, You Liar!”

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on November 25, 2015.

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In my years as a strength coach, training hundreds of athletes, there is one important fact I have learned. What if I told you the dreaded scales don’t paint the whole picture?

So often I hear people complaining about making minimal losses on the scales, as if this was the barometer for success. Let me explain to you how you should really be gauging your training successes.

Master strength coach shares sage advice

I just had the opportunity to spend 3 days with Master Strength Coach Dan John. WOW, it was fantastic. The consummate professional.

I came away with so much new information I wouldn’t know where to start. So, I’m going to break some of his tips and advice down into little blog posts to share with you these gems of wisdom.

Here’s one about the “love affair with the scale”.

Scales don’t tell the story, look at the full package

At the conference Strength Coach Dan John said to us (I’m paraphrasing here):

If a lady is walking down the beach in a bikini, do you really think the guy checking her out is going to be thinking: “I reckon she must weigh about 65-66kgs”? Of course not! The guy isn’t thinking that, he is looking at the whole package!

So my question to you is: why do you get so hung up the numbers on the scale?

Scales don’t represent your progress

Yesterday, I had a lady at the Alpha Female Project weigh herself, she gained 500grams on the scale, yet she lost 2.5 cms from her waist. What did she concentrate on? The fucking 500grams! For her it was a fail.

Question, what was the 500grams?

Water? Maybe she had her period? Lunch? When during the day did she weigh herself last time?

Muscle? She lifts heavy, did she put on 500 grams of muscle?

See the dilemma? It’s just a number. It tells us nothing.

My daughter is another one. She has a great body, but she’s always judging progress by the scales.

“I’m just curious” she says. “Bullshit!” I reply. “Get off the fucking scales!

A real strength coach won’t focus on the scales

Do you want to change your body? Concentrate on these numbers instead. If you can reach these numbers then losing weight isn’t going to be a problem for you (unless you are eating a bucket of ice cream everyday).

fitness course strength coach randwick

Focus on hitting your goals in the gym, and ignore the scales

Do you want to lose weight? Get away from the scale. Concentrate on eating more vegetables, lean protein and drinking more water. Get stronger!

That’s the takeaway today.

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Thanks for reading.

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