Road to StrongFirst Re-Certification Weeks 21/22: Mission Accomplished

WOW! 2 Weekends of Madness!

Here are some highlights of the 2016 Italian SFG level 1. 2017 I don’t think could be any less. 86 Students from 18 different countries, 40 Assistant Coaches, 6 Team leaders, 2 Master instructors. 30 Hours of coaching, practice and testing.

For me, it was not a new experience, but what I got out of it was priceless. To have expert eyes on you for that long, scrutinising form is a wonderful thing.

Get ready to eat humble pie. I suppose it is a lot like broccoli, it doesn’t taste very nice, but you know it is good for you

Peter Bolsius SFG 1 x 3 times

Getting over the line

The weekend started on Friday, in a huge tent covering an indoor soccer stadium. There were people everywhere, forms to fill, waivers and weighing in. T-shirts and manuals getting handed out. People greeting you and guiding you where to go next. It was really well organised, you can see they have done it before.


The day went like this:


  • Introduction of the Master Instructors Shaun Cairns and Fabio Zonin.
  • The Swing, technique then practice (something like 5 hours?)
  • The Get Up.
  • The Clean


  • Revision
  • The Press (Fabio Zonin, very detailed.)
  • The Squat
  • The snatch


  • Revision of the Standards 
  • Testing
  • Grad Workout
  • Cert Presentation

Total 30 hours. i.e. 10 hours a day. They were long, they were full. You would see people rushing out with tears in their eyes as the fatigue would build. Please realise there we performed something like 2,000 swings, several hundred  squats, cleans & snatches, loads of presses, not to mention 3 hours of pressing practice, pressing ladders and some more swings. This is 1 tough Certification.

Sydney 7 Days Later

Arrived in Sydney, 5.00am Wednesday, picked up Shaun & Fabio several hours later. Trained at Mojo Strength with them and set up everything for the following day. 5.00pm Thursday all Assistant’s arrived and re-certified. Quick briefing on what was happening for the weekend and off to dinner. 

Friday, 18 students from 2 countries, 6 Assistant Coaches, myself included, 2 master Instructors. Pretty much a 1 on 2 ratio. Everything went to plan. Most made it, some didn’t. Some need to re-submit a video some need to re-sit the whole cert. Why? StrongFirst holds us to a Higher Standard. “Good enough won’t cut it”

I hope you have enjoyed this series, I hope it helps you get over the line with your Cert. I hope it inspires you to sit the Cert, to test yourself, to challenge yourself.

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Slow n steady! Start easy, progress slowly.

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Wish me luck. well… you don’t need to, I’ve done the work, Mission Accomplished.

Thanks for reading.

Peter BolsiusKettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1


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