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Not Seeing Results From Your Fitness Plan?

By Peter Bolsius November 21, 2012


Not Seeing Results From Your Fitness Plan?

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on November 21, 2012.

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Are you happy with your recent results from your fitness plan? Can you honestly say you’re killing it? How are your clothes fitting?

If you’re happy with your results then I’m happy for you, and this post might help you consolidate those feelings. If, on the other hand your results weren’t so “grandioso”, read on and really make an effort to implement what I’m trying to say here.

A quality fitness plan builds muscle

I find a lot of trainees come to me at Mojo Strength and tell me how they are not losing weight or that they have actually gained weight since they started their new fitness plan. If you know me, then you know I don’t put a huge emphasis on weight but more on body composition and how your clothes fit.

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The scales won’t tell you if your fitness plan is a success or not

Lose a kilo of fat, gain a kilo of muscle – same weight totally different look. Get what I mean? But…

A fitness plan doesn’t give you a free pass to eat shit

Ok, let me be extremely blunt (am I any other way?)… Just because you are committed to your fitness plan, doesn’t mean you can eat and drink like a pig! It doesn’t work that way.

Just because you spent an hour busting your arse in my gym doesn’t give you “the right” to eat shitty food and drink copious amounts of coke, wine or beer.  If you eat and drink like shit you will look like shit! Let that sink in – I can’t say it enough.

Training can help minimise the damage by burning some of the shitty calories that you ingest. Hey, I’m no saint! I’ve been guilty of this myself, sabotaging all my efforts.

My wife Tina says: “…think of every glass of wine, beer or soft drink as a glass of sugar. Every sip, 2 spoons of sugar, another sip, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 more spoons of sugar” and on it goes.

She is right on the money with this. Alcohol and soft drinks are just empty calories – they have no nutrient value and do nothing to satisfy hunger.

It’s a no brainer darling, dump the stuff wherever you can and save it for a Saturday night or 1 day a week. What about food? Do you sneak in heaps of naughty snacks? Or grab some Maccas or takeout at Eastlakes, cause you don’t feel like cooking? You’re only human, but again, sabotaging your efforts in the gym with bad choices.

Check out my video on goals and targets below, for further information on how to reach them in your fitness plan.

Food preparation is key to a successful fitness plan

So, the solution? It’s about preparation. Now, I don’t care if you are trying to lose weight or gain weight (as in muscle), food prep and especially snack prep is probably the most important step to getting the body of your dreams.

Let me throw you an example:

You are feeling really hungry, dinner won’t be ready for another 1/2 hour or so, so you go to the fridge… Yeah, there are some carrots and a bunch of celery and you know that’s healthy, but… “Nah, really don’t feel like cutting and preparing that”.

So, you look in the pantry and there is a nice big bag of “Sour Cream & Chilli” chips… Mmmm perfect! (sound familiar?)

What are you gonna do? You’re gonna eat it, right? It’s there, it’s ready and you are hungry. It’s totally natural that you eat it. This could be a bag of chips, or Cheese Twisties in front of the TV… Or it might be a Nutella sandwich, a strawberry donut or a bowl of ice-cream at 9.30pm at night.

Look at that for a moment… What sort of results can you expect if that’s what you eat? You have just sabotaged your results big time. Tomorrow’s training session might, and that’s a big might, burn enough calories to burn that food off if you are luck… The rest? stored as fat. That’s the way it is baby!

Food preparation will make your life and fitness plan easier

Now, let’s have a look at an alternative scenario to both of these:

It’s Wednesday, dinner is not for another 1/2 hour – you’re hungry. You look in the fridge and pull out an air tight tupperware container, and there’s still a dozen chopped pieces of carrot, 6 celery stalks and 4 washed cherry tomatoes. Next to that container is another container with some home made homous dip all of which you prepared last Sunday.

Are you gonna eat it? Hell yeah! Is that a better option? Of course it is! Not only is it full of nutrients, healthy and tasty, but the raw vegies will prime your stomach and get your digestive juices flowing. This means dinner will be more easily and better digested and utilised!

Food preparation will save you time and help cut out unhealthy snacking

Ok, another scenario:

It’s 9.30pm, dinner was 2 hours ago, you had a huge training session tonight and you’re feeling hungry. You grab a bowl, 3 or 4 talespoons of low fat plain yoghurt, a scoop of coconut 180 protein. A simple, tasty, low fat, high protein snack. What’s that gonna do for your results?

If you spend 2 hours in the kitchen prepping food on a Sunday or Monday evening, and storing it in air tight containers (especially your snacks) there will be a lot less chance of you binging on crap food.

Buy a large tub of yoghurt and a bag of 180 protein at the beginning of the week and you know you can eat it anytime! If you don’t like yoghurt prep another healthy option. If you don’t like homous or whatever swap it. There are literally millions of them out there on the internet, just choose good healthy alternatives.

Time? That’s another biggy. I’ve touched on this before and I’ll repeat – it’s something I always tell the blokes at the Alpha Male Project:

“If you want it you’ll do it”

Is watching a re-run of Seinfeld or some other bullshit show, or spending 2 hours on Facebook more important? If it is, well unsubscribe now cause you’re wasting both your time and mine. This site is for action takers, not whingers or the lazy. If you prep all your food at the beginning of the week, you will have all your meals ready to fire and you will have much more time! This is the hardest part of any fitness plan – trust me.

Looking for help to get on track with your fitness plan near Eastlakes?

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Thanks for reading.

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