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Hi, if you are a Male aged over 40 years and want to join Sydney’s premier 12 Week Strength Camp go HERE to the Alpha Male Project.


For Kettlebell Coaching by a StrongFirst Certified coach go HERE.


About me: 


Peter Bolsius is Strength and Performance Coach. He has over 30 years experience coaching Athletes, Personal Trainers, Mums & Dads. 


Alpha Male Project is a Strength & Performance program group specifically for guys over 40, aimed at getting back what you have lost. Peter is the local representative for StrongFirst and Co-Founder of The Sydney Kettlebell Club 






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@ Mojo Strength Gym Matraville, Sydney Eastern Suburbs


Old School Strength Training

Look strong, Feel stronger!

Mojo Strength’s “Old School” strength training is designed for the older athlete. So that you can claw back time and find that alpha that’s in us all. So what if you’re past 30, 40, even 50! You should still be able to run, jump, push, pull, carry and get stuff done just like you used to. And you can still look good and look good doing it!

The Mojo Strength Training Philosophy

To get Fit, Strong & Powerful so we can enjoy life and deal with anything life may throw our way.

We focus on big, compound movements that use lots of muscle. You will see gains that transfer to other things in life from all our exercises, workouts and fitness programs. There’s nothing fancy – we keep it “Old School”. This is what will get you agile and strong.

All our members encourage each other to succeed. No-one will judge you.

Turn up, put in the effort and get the rewards.

What will I be doing?

At Mojo Strength Gym, we don’t have treadmills, exercise bikes or elliptical machines. We go for old school strength & fitness training. Things that build muscle and burn fat to give you a healthier and more powerful body.

Unlike typical gyms, we use plenty of jumping drills, ropes, sprints, sled dragging, prowler sproints, animal movements as well. When it comes to developing functional strength there is nothing better. You’ll get  mobile, fast and fit.

Personal Trainer Maroubra Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Tire Flipping

Tyre flips – the symbol of the Strong! Full body explosive power!

Exercise, Workouts and Fitness Programs Maroubra Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Farmer’s Walk

Also know as the beam carries. Lift heavy beams for distance or reps. A true test of strength and endurance.

Small Group Training in Botany Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Animal Movements

Back to Basics – total body workouts that challenge your core, upper and lower body.

Functional Small Group Strength Training Matraville Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Keg Lifts

Keg Lifts. Increase raw power and brute strength!

Common Questions & Answers

  • What Results Should I Expect from Training with Mojo?

    A Fitter, Stronger, Healthier You!

    It’s great to look good. To be lean, tight and turn heads. But what’s the point of looking great if you can’t perform?

    This kick-arse results-driven training facility was created with one mission: improving your athleticism. The pleasing physical results that get are a very pleasant side-effect of your training. You’ll get a body that not only looks good but performs well too!

    We want to make you a better athlete. Regardless of whether you play elite sport or just want to be able to run around with your kids on the beach. Why compromise looking good at the expense of being mobile? We only look to craft strong, useful bodies!

  • Does Mojo Offer Personal Training?

    YES! We do small group personal training which means:

    • All the advantages of personal training without the high costs.
    • Limited group numbers
    • Personalised instruction.
    • Tailored to your ability.
    • More fun and encouragement with the comradery of training with others.

    It’s the best of both worlds.

    If you’re specifically looking for exclusive 1:1 training then our trainers are also available outside of small group training times. Enquire here.

  • And if I’ve never trained or exercised before?

    Not a problem! Our programs have you covered!

    We teach  StrongFirst Principles here, to put you in the most powerful, yet safest training positions. You will be given in-depth instruction & versions of exercises so that you can exercise with the group, at your own pace.

    There’s no need to be an athlete. We’ve trained people that haven’t exercised since high school. Hey, you may have never exercised in your life! No more excuses. Let’s do this.

    We’ll get you set on the right path forward.  We see where you are both physically and mentally, then see what you want to achieve. We work together towards achieving that.  Train safely and effectively!

  • I don’t have time, do I need to spend hours in the gym to get results?

    Get results without hours in the gym.

    Our strength and conditioning training sessions are around 45 -60 minutes each 3-4 times per week.

    We don’t believe your training and nutrition should rule your life, it should improve your life.

    It’s fun, challenging and you may just surprise yourself on what you can do.

    I do the best I can, the time I’m on the floor I give 100% always , I love the boys I train with , they all go hard and we have a laugh , I have learnt so much and achieved things I never thought I could do, not just the physical side, but also the mental side” Steve Lambrinos


    Best way to train ,,

  • I’ve seen your strength & fitness training videos. I’m not ready for that yet. Should I train on my own first?

    That is what we do. We take you from where you are to a better place.

    We specialise in getting you more fit and active. Whether you’re fit already or have never trained in your life. This is what we do. We guide you every step of the way.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re 50kgs or 150kgs, we WILL make you more athletic. There are no posers or gorillas, peacocks or make-up queens at Mojo Strength. Just ordinary like-minded people that are seeking to move better and feel better.

    No-one in the group will judge you. Everyone wants you to simply do your best and succeed!

Who Have Our Coaches Helped?

Mojo Strength has helped hundreds of people jump, run and hit their goals. We’ve helped people attain things they never thought possible. People who struggled to walk a few blocks when they started have gone on to complete Sydney’s City to Surf! Why not join them? Come on!

Schedule a Session and Experience Mojo’s Strength & Conditioning Routines, Sets and Drills.

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Mojo Strength’s Course Instructors | Strong First Certified

Click on one of our qualified strength and conditioning instructors below to learn more about them. Peter Bolsius is one of only 2 Strong First Certified instructors in Sydney!

Peter Bosius | Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Peter Bolsius

Head Coach

Nutritionist Botany Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Tina Bolsius

Nutritional Coach

Strong First Qualified Trainer & Coach Sydney

What is Strong First?

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Reviews & Testimonials About Mojo Strength

What are the people that train, exercise and workout with Mojo Strength say about us? Take a look at reviews and testimonials for yourself.

Peter is enthusiastic, he’s a motivator, and he happens to know his stuff!

Mojo Strength Reviews & Testimonials | Claude

Claude Castro

Owner/Operator CastroFit

I signed up to the Alpha Female Project and it was by far one of the best experiences I ever had. It was so much fun to be doing it as a crew. We supported and cheered each other on both in and outside the gym. Definitely couldn’t do it without the amazing trainer Peter!

Mojo Strength Review & Testimonial Sydney | Claire


Alpha Female

Every session for the last 6 months has been different. I never thought I’d be able to do a pull up and now I can do four.

Mojo Strength Testimonials & Reviews Sydney | Tony Eastern Suburbs


Alpha Male

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