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Mobility Training Without Increasing Your Exercise Plan

By Peter Bolsius February 23, 2016


Mobility Training Without Increasing Your Exercise Plan

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on February 23, 2016.

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Are you on a very tight schedule, and struggling to fit everything in your current exercise routine?

Are there elements that you would like to fit in, for example mobility exercises, but don’t seem to have enough time?

With a few small changes to your existing exercise programme, I can show you how you can get even more out of your existing workouts without having to spend more time in the gym.

Making time for the important things in your exercise schedule

If you are on a tight schedule, getting in everything you need to do can get really difficult. Often, the “non-important” things get neglected. I would much rather be swimming at Maroubra then stretching in the gym.

But mobility exercises are really important, and they become even more important as we age. Whenever I’m coaching the older blokes at the Alpha Male Project I stress this point to them! The video below shows some other great exercises for the older athlete:

However, I too would much rather deadlift than do seemingly pointless mobility work. The thing is, this is the type of exercise that will keep us training longer and avoiding long-term injuries.

If you aren’t properly stretching, warming up and cooling down you are putting yourself at a greater risk of injury as you lift heavier. Mobility work make you deadlift more in the longterm!

Mobility Training Maroubra

Mobility exercise is key to staying healthy in older age

Little changes can save you a lifetime of injury

Regardless about what you think about mobility exercises, they need to be done. The easiest way we have found at Mojo Strength near Maroubra, is to take a page from Dan John‘s book (figuratively speaking) and do your mobility as your “rest between exercises”.


Deadlift x 5 reps

Stoney Stretch 45 secs each side

Pull-up x 5

Face Pulls 10 – 20 reps repeat.

Mobility Training Exercise Maroubra

Mobility exercises will help you reduce injury risk

Double the exercise in the same amount of time

With this style of exercise plan you get twice as much bang for your buck, with no additional time spent in the gym.

So, leave your phone in your locker and get the most our of your training by adding your mobility work between sets of heavy lifting instead of scrolling through Facebook.

Drop me a line if you need any further information on how to incorporate this into your current exercise plan.

Looking for mobility training with REAL results In Maroubra?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Maroubra.

Thanks for reading.

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Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project

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