Matt Cross Success Story - Mojo Strength

How Matt lost over 6oKGs and 56cm from around his waist in 12 months!

The video above shows how Matt lost 25kgs in 5 months and then went on to lose another 40+kgs after that.

“Everyone want to hit fours or sixes straight out the gate. The “Secret” to long term success is hitting lots and lots of singles everyday!

Peter Bolsius Alpha Male Project

Matt’s Story

Matt was at the point he couldn’t walk and talk at the same time without getting out of breath! He knew if he didn’t do something soon, he wouldn’t last long.


MATT is an IT manager in his late 30s.  He’s the one 2nd from the right.


Matt came to us with a start weight of over 180kgs and a Waistline over 160 cms! At the time, Matt’s self esteem was very low and suffered depression. He found it difficult to walk and talk at the same time, had little to no energy and was lost at what to do. Matt had trouble getting up off the floor and just moving around. Being so unfit obviously impacted on his quality of life, his self esteem and mental health and quickly realised if he wanted to enjoy what life had to offer, something needed to change.


After an initial assessment of what Matt could and couldn’t do, we showed him what a “Real Food” nutrition plan looked like. We also got him lifting weights 3 times a week. Due to his his weight we avoided bodyweight exercises to begin with and started him off with barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells so we could adjust the weight to suit his strength abilities. We included some high rep kettlebell swings and sled work for conditioning (cardio). He did heavy deadlifts, bench presses, rows and other basic movements to make him strong.


Matt has been with us 12 months now.

His current weight is 116.5kgs His waist 104 cms .

Matt lost 66kgs with Alpha Male Project

Which means he has lost well over 60kgs in weight and more than 56cms from his waist! He participated in our recent In-House Strongman Competition where he managed to place 5th overall out of 18 competitors.

Everything Matt has achieved is through his dedication to eating right and turning up for training week in week out. The results he has gotten from this program is a reflection of the effort he has put in. We are so proud of this man and his achievements.















If you want results like this, click the link and apply to join the next round of Alpha Male Project. If you are willing to put in the work, we are here to show you how and help you all the way.