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Matraville strength coach Physically Preparing for an Emergency

By Peter Bolsius May 9, 2014


Matraville strength coach Physically Preparing for an Emergency

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on May 9, 2014.

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emergency fitIt can happen at any time and if it does and you aren’t ready, bam who knows how you will come out? If you are a front line sort of guy e.g firey, cop, ambo, the chances of you being in an emergency situation multiplies by the thousands. you guys face this stuff everyday! Do you ever stop and ask yourself “could I have done better if I was fitter? could I have beaten that guy had i been stronger? could I have carried that lady? could i have jumped that fence? or even worse could I have saved that person?

Being strong, agile and highly conditioned is a state of being we should all be in, regardless of our age or profession. it is an obligation to ourselves, our families and our community. bodybuilding style training just doesn’t cut it. either does your boring old 3 or 4 km run. when was the last time you get to an emergency and you say “oh, i’ll just pace myself here because that is how I train”. Slow steady constant rhythmic movements like jogging DON”T build the speed, the agility, the stamina or the explosive strength you need to rip that car door open, grab that 65 kg person and carry them 100 metres to safety. it won’t help you in a fight because a fight usually lasts only a few seconds!  you need to be able to run, jump, carry, push, pull, shove, flip, drop, sprint, roll, lift and a whole lot of other things and then do it all again and maybe again! Here at Mojo Strength, we truly believe in what we do, we believe we can get you into the shape you NEED  to be in! Our sessions encompass heavy lifting, heavy odd objects, a lot of work and a lot of intensity in a short period of time. we try and make it as close to the real thing as we possibly can!  Sign up for your free trial at the top of the page.

Here’s a sample:

1a) Heavy KettleBell swings x 25

1b) Rope Climb x 1 or Pull-ups x 8-10

1c) Run 200 metres AFAP (As Fast As Possible)

rest 60-90 seconds then

2a) Heavy sandbag Carry 100 metres

2b) Push-ups x 25

2c) Run 200 metres AFAP

rest 60-90 seconds

3a) Heavy Deadlift x 5

3b) Burpee Broad jumps x 10

3c) Run 200 metres AFAP

Rest 3 minutes and repeat.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, try banana rockers instead. if you don’t have a heavy sandbag, carry a mate over your shoulder, if you don’t have a barbell for deadlifts, try lifting the back of a car (make sure the bumper is sturdy) and just keep pulling and do isometric deadlifts.

Hope that helps. If you’d like to try something under the watchful eye of one of our expert coaches, fill in the free trial at the top of the page.

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