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Matraville Fitness Trainer: Wanna get results? “Look at your food”

By Peter Bolsius December 19, 2014


Matraville Fitness Trainer: Wanna get results? “Look at your food”

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on December 19, 2014.

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Here is the hard talk no-one wants to hear. This chat is about how to manage your body composition. Now, I know some of you are going to shy away from this, because if you aren’t getting the results you are after, this is going to hit home and you may not want to hear it….but listen up! I know the training we do here works. I have seen it over and over. It will change a person’s body composition really well on 1 condition…… That your food is good.

If you don’t like the way your body looks, then look at your food. The problem is always the food. Sometimes it’s the quantity of food. Sometimes it’s the quality of food. But it’s always the food. If I want to change my body composition, (e.g lose weight,) my training rarely changes, it’s the food that changes. I drop the wine, the extras, any sweets, any empty calories. My food is pretty good apart from the above mentioned vices. If I want to put on some size, I eat more, my training style doesn’t change. veg

We just did a food challenge here at Mojo Strength. Tina from Nutrilicious prepared food for 10 people. Breakfast lunch and dinner with 2 snacks a day. They were given a box every Wednesday with an entire week’s food. This went on for 4 weeks. The only rule? Only eat what’s in the box!!

This was a great teaching tool. You get to see WHAT your food should look like and HOW MUCH you should be eating.

Vegie slice breakfast ready for packing

Vegie slice breakfast ready for packing


Results? Hells yeah!! Here are some pics of the guys, the gals didn’t want their piccies up but here are some of their results:

Antje 2.5 kgs and 10 cms from her waist!!Phenomenal.

Helen; 7 kgs

Lindy 5.6 kgs

Well done ladies!!

stuart 20141203_165856The weight loss went from 2.5 kgs up to 11.4kgs…. in 4 weeks!!!  Waist measurements? From 4cms, to 11cms!!!…… These are fantastic results and from only 4 weeks of good food. Imagine what you can do in 12 months?

The training works, couple it with good food and the results speak for themselves!!


Why cant I just eat the food and not exercise? You may ask. The problem with diet alone is that you lose too much muscle mass. That is not optimal. It will slow down your metabolism and make losing weight and leaning out much more difficult in the future. The more you diet without exercise, the more muscle you lose, the slower your metabolism will become, the harder it will be to lose weight.

You need to build or maintain as much muscle as possible while eliminating the fat. That way your metabolism keeps firing on all cylinders and makes maintaining the weight and future fat loss easier. It’s body composition we are after not just scale weight. Rob transformation

One of the first things to do is look at the quality of the food. Make good consistent choices. If you fall off the wagon….. Get back on. Keep making conscious choices about what you are putting in your mouth. Quality trumps. This alone will get you started. Gavs final pic It’s not your genetics. It’s not how old you are. It’s not that you’re a man or a woman and it’s not that you aren’t doing the newest or craziest workout.

It’s the food. It’s the quantity of food, or it’s the quality of food but it’s always the food. Once we accept this, we can get on with making the right changes.  You can make these yourself and really dial in on the quality and the quantity of what you are eating. This is quite simple. Write down everything you eat for a week. Then analyse what you have had. Where can you improve on the quality? Don’t tell me no-where, there is always room. Also, write down how much you eat 200grams? 2 cups? 3 slices? That way you can see how much you are eating and where you might be over indulging in the quantity part.

So to re-cap. If you don’t have the body composition you want…look at your food quality and quantity. Make changes, they don’t need to be big, just changes in the right direction. Test yourself every 2 weeks and make more changes according to what your tests say.

If all this sounds too hard and you would like all your meals cooked and prepared for you and know that you’ll get results just like those above, why not jump onto our next challenge?  It starts on February 4th 2015.  Just click on the button at the top of the page where it says “Click Here” and add “food challenge” into the comments box when you fill in your details and we’ll get you some more info.

If you have any questions post them in the comments section below or email me directly.

Enjoy the change in you

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