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Matraville Fitness Trainer Explains Why You Aren’t Losing Weight.

By Peter Bolsius May 27, 2013


Matraville Fitness Trainer Explains Why You Aren’t Losing Weight.

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on May 27, 2013.

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Two things you need to look at if you aren’t losing the weight you want. The intensity at which you are training and your diet. We’ve been getting great weight losses in the 1 – 1 . 5 kgs a week for most of our trainees that train hard and sit with Tina to look at their nutrition. Weight loss and especially fat loss (which you know I’m all about) is about training right and eating right. The training is essential as it helps boost the metabolism so you can burn more calories, even while at rest and it also helps build and preserve muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is what we call “active” and it’s the muscle tissue (not fat) which burns calories so it makes sense that you want to keep or build as much as you can. I always recommend high intensity training of around 30-45 minutes in duration for optimal fat burning and muscle building like our 1 on 1 Mojo Strength Training System. It’s hard, fast, heavy, progressive and effective. If you are still doing slow burn cardio or long marathon training sessions in the gym or on the treadmill, try changing that to a very fast and heavy weight session. This will turn you into a blast furnace and get your body burning more calories day and night. If you need help with that email me and we will see what you are doing and how we can improve on it

Now, the food. This is where the biggest changes come. read my post “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. Things need to be right. Your food has to be good, clean and fresh. That’s the basics. The best thing to do is to write down everything you eat and how much. I’m not talking calories, (who’s got time for that?) I’m talking cups, handfuls, teaspoons tablespoons etc. also, get some kitchen scales and weigh your portions, it takes seconds! Write it all down in a food journal or just a small note book. I mean everything! That way you can see what and how much you are eating. It’s easier to make changes when you can see exactly what and how much you’ve consumed rather than “guestimating”. Do not underestimate the power of the food journal. I feel so strongly about it I wrote a whole post about it. You can see and plan ahead when you use a food diary, what can I substitute this with? What can I change here? You don’t need to starve, it’s better to eat more than less. Why? that’s a bit conflicting, again, it’s about boosting your metabolism.  You don’t want to restrict calories too much. that can slow the metabolism, especially if you aren’t doing some form of hard training. Also, remember we don’t try to get you ready for a fitness contest where your bodyfat needs to be 8% or less. (not healthy for women) we are about sustainable eating habits that are LIFELONG! So we recommend eating lots of healthy protein, veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds. Your body will naturally come down to its ideal weight and stay there. No more up and down on the scale. it will hit a point and hover around that. 500gms either side usually. (500 gms is 1 trip to the bathroom). Obviously if you have a lot of weight to lose it will fly off, then as you get closer to your ideal weight the losses will slow. That’s when we really scrutinise your training and your nutrition. little changes and tweaks to keep you on track, but always sustainable. Eat a cheat meal once a week to boost your metabolism. eat some ice-cream if that’s what you like, some biscuits or bread or pasta or whatever. Just don’t use it as an excuse to pig out. A bit here a bit there.

To summarise: Hard, heavy fast paced weight sessions to burn fat and build muscle (no, you won’t look like Arnold) Clean wholesome foods and loads of them. Have a cheat day once a week to boost your metabolism and give yourself that little treat, then super clean the rest of the week. no bread, no junk, no sugar!! I hope this helps.

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