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Maroubra Personal Trainer say Find Your WHY!

By Peter Bolsius February 20, 2013


Maroubra Personal Trainer say Find Your WHY!

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on February 20, 2013.

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Why are you here? Why are you training? Why are you reading this? All valid questions with many many possible answers. What I need you to do is ask yourself why? You might need to lose weight, why? you might want some muscle, why? I want a boyfriend! I want a girl friend! I want a husband! I want someone to love me! I want to love myself! I want to be noticed on the beach! I want to look great for my wedding/holiday/birthday/whatever. FIND YOUR WHY!!

I train because I want to feel I can jump over a house! I train because I want to look good naked! I want to look good for my wife! I train because I want people to look and think “far out! that guy is 50 and look what he can do! Look how fit he is! Yes I might be a little shallow but hey I know my WHYs! I wanna be jumping at 80! I want to be jumping out of my skin all the time just like I am right now!!! I want to be as healthy as my body will allow!

What I’m saying is find your WHY! Find it and use it. Use it as a motivational tool. Why can’t I get up in the morning? You haven’t found a strong enough WHY! Are you in your comfort zone? Are you scared to take the next step? Find your WHY!

This relates to all factors in your life! Use it for your career/job. Don’t like your job? Can’t find motivation? WHY are you working? Do you have a mortgage? Yes? Well that’s a good why, think about what it would be like to lose it! Do you have a family to feed? Yes? Well get onto it! That’s a good reason. Do you want to retire in style or on a pension, worrying about money? Start thinking about your Whys and use them.

That’s it from uncle Pete again.

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