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Prepare For StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 1: Week 2: Back to Basics

By Peter Bolsius February 3, 2017


Prepare For StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 1: Week 2: Back to Basics

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on February 3, 2017.

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Kettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1

StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certificate Level 1 Re-Certification:

Training has been GREAT!!!

I am in love with kettlebells again. Not that I ever did not love them, just used them as a “side note” occasionally while really ramping up the barbell and bodyweight stuff.

CT (My coach)  has been checking my form and keeping me in check. Thanks Mate!!

So, what have we been doing?

My training is made up of 5 sessions per week, in those sessions we have the following movements not necessarily in the same order.

  1. Get Ups

    . 20kg kettlebell, concentrating on perfect control. I can do them with the 32kg, but they aren’t beautiful (Yet!). Actually, I’d go as far as saying, at present, they are quite ugly and un-controlled. So, back to lighter weights and perfect that form. I’m also practicing “Naked Get Ups” with a water bottle resting on my fist. Although, I may have to stop.  People walk in, see me naked and generally walk straight back out again. Sorry, just a joke. If you don’t know “Naked” means “without weight”. I swear I have my pants on. The idea of the bottle is, the water moves round with even the slightest of movement so it makes the bottle wobble in all directions which makes it very challenging. I’m determined to master it. I’ll post a vid on Facebook soon.

  2. 2 Hand Swings

    with a 32kg kettlebell. 10 reps on the minute every minute (EMOM) for 10 minutes.

    Master SFG Fabio Zonin will be in Australia in June to run the SFG1 Certification

    Posture and Position has been the order of the day. Not having done a lot of swings of late, I have to say the first 2 sessions were challenging on sets 9 & 10. Not through lack of conditioning, i.e. cardio, but rather, my glutes started fatiguing and I had a hard time driving the bell. However, after just 5 sessions, I’m powering through all 10 sets easily. We are adding reps each session. Then, when we hit 16 reps (EMOM x 10 minutes), we’ll go up to a 36kg kettlebell.

    Slow n steady, Rinse and repeat.

  3. Carries

    : CT has me doing lot’s of carries. Single kettlebells, double kettlebells, overhead, rack, suitcase, farmer’s. 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 4 each side. 5 each side whatever, just lots of kettlebell carries. We are changing it up a bit and just carrying weight. For overhead and rack position carries, I started with the 20kg bell. Again, this is easy. But as stated in the PREVIOUS POST, (click to read) I want to hit this Certification (click to find out more) fresh and ready to Rock!!!! I’m thinking a 28kg or even a 32kg kettlebell, continuous carries (i.e. overhead, rack, suitcase) for several minutes, would be a good goal for me at 54 yrs. TIP: Practice your Kettlebell carries kids.

    Goblet squats

    to round it off 20kg kettlebell, 5 sets of 5. Very easy, form and mobility being the priority again here. We’ll up that over the coming weeks.

    Water bottle Get Ups

    with a 1/2 filled water bottle as my “kettlebell” I find these quite challenging I must say. The water moves which makes the bottle very unstable. This means your transitions must be super smooth. You can start by using a shoe placed on your fist to begin with, then advance to the bottle. Add some mobility drills and we have a pretty complete training week.

After this, I feel strong, invigorated and ready to crush life!!

As you can see, simple and effective. Start light, progress slowly. “Practice” the lifts, don’t “Train” the lifts

What’s Next?

The StrongFirst 8 hour Kettlebell Workshop here in Sydney 5th of March 2017. I’ll be participating in that as a student and writing about it too. For info on that, (can’t recommend it highly enough)


To sign up for it go HERE

“Big Bad Master Instructor” and a person I am lucky enough to say is a good friend, Shaun Cairns will be running this one. Get onto it.

I’m doing it again for a reason…’s bloody good!!! It’s also the best opportunity to get coached by several StrongFirst Qualified Instructors in 1 day. Do the math, Getting world class instruction from several of the best instructors around works out less than $37.50 an hour!!

Plus if you decide to sign up to the SFG Certification, $250 from the workshop investment goes directly towards your CERT. No brainer.

If you have any questions regarding prep for the Kettlebell CERT, or info on the Kettlebell WORKSHOP, hit me up.

If you want any help with any of your training or just have Qs. Again…..Hit me up.

My email is below.

Train Smart.

Have a great week

Forever Strong

Peter Bolsius SFG 1 SFL 

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