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Mojo Strength Keg Lifting Manual

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Learn How to Lift Properly – Instructions Inside!

Use this keg training manual to train just like we do. Get ALPHA STRONG at any age.

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What’s in the Training Guide?

  • 16 different keg exercises (including one high intensity complex)…
  • 11 strength building keg workouts! The ultimate challenge…
  • Safe lifting technique. (Be careful with these)… Plus…
  • Where to get your very own keg… They’re readily available and affordable.

Improve Your Lift & Workout Technique

I am absolutely stoked about the training, I honestly could not be happier.  I love the programme and really look forward to each and every session, every week I feel like I’m getting stronger both physically and mentally.

– Chris Frawley

About the Author of the Keg Lifting Manual

The Keg Training Manual is written by Peter Bolsius. He’s the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach @ Mojo Strength Gym.

Peter’s one of just 2 StrongFirst Certified Instructors in Sydney.

With over 30 years experience he’s transformed countless folks just like you into true Alphas.