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Conditioning Coach Banksmeadow: “Habits are What Make You”

By Peter Bolsius November 11, 2015


Conditioning Coach Banksmeadow: “Habits are What Make You”

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on November 11, 2015.

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What did you have for breakfast this morning? Probably the same as you had yesterday. If you have 3 Weetbix with milk and a banana every morning, then that’s probably what you will have again this morning. I’m going to show you how changing simple habits like this, into positive ones will improve your strength and conditioning.

Changing habits will have a positive effect on your conditioning training and your health

I remember several years ago when Tina and I first started going towards a “paleo style” of eating. We switched from having cereals, milk, bread, jam, peanut butter and a latte, to eggs, avocado and smoked salmon. Man that was hard to do. We craved our sweet breakfast for weeks… Weeks!! We craved our Caffe Latte for weeks as well.

Now, this morning, I couldn’t think of having anything BUT eggs, avocado, salmon and a black coffee. My habits have changed, and so has my strength and conditioning.

Where am I going with this? OK, What I am saying, and yes the guys at the Alpha Project will have heard it a hundred times before…

If you keep doing what you do now, you will always be the same.

However, if you focus on change, then possibly magical things happen. Yeah?

Changing your habits will change your body and improve your strength and conditioning training

Seven weeks or so into my “Paleo exploration”, all those years back, I had abs for the first time in years! Why? Because we changed what we were doing.

The breakfast we ate every morning, although not bad, was stopping me from getting to where I wanted to be. It was hindering my bodies conditioning from meeting its potential.

Staying at the same weight on your kettlebell swing for 2 years isn’t going to induce change! Increase it over several weeks and see “The magic”, this is what we do at Mojo Strength. Check out the video below if you’re having problems with your swing.

If you deadlift 50kgs now, don’t expect to be much different if you are still deadlifting 50kgs in a year’s time! You need to add to that weight to induce change and improve your strength and conditioning. These are the changes you should be aiming for.

deadlift conditioning banksmeadow

Continue to increase your deadlift and conditioning

Make change in your diet and conditioning plan to see results

We need to embrace change. It doesn’t have to be radical, it just needs to be small and continuous. We need to change our current habits and create new ones that will drive us in the direction we want to go.

Have a good hard look at your breakfast this morning. Is it helping you go in the right direction or is it holding you back?

It might take a few weeks to change, “But I love my cereals in the morning!” To, “I love my eggs in the morning.” But don’t expect change if you aren’t ready to make those little changes. Persevere. Stay true and watch the magic.

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Thanks for reading.

Peter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project

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