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Green Smoothies for Alpha Males

By Peter Bolsius August 10, 2017


Green Smoothies for Alpha Males

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on August 10, 2017.

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Green Smoothie…the how the why


  • Packed with nutrition
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to take with you
  • Assists in the un-packaging of the Alpha Male  hidden inside.

Power Packed with life giving nutrients, the green smoothie is probably the best way to start the day.

Building one of these nutrition bombs first thing in the morning is part of an Alpha Male’s morning routine for success. Get on it. Here’s how:

For most blokes, just the thought of drinking a green smoothie first thing in the morning is kinda lame. I was like that too. But the thing is, we have to start looking at fuelling our body and asking this question:

“What is the best way to for me to get the nutrients I need into my body so I can perform at 100% today?”

In the video above, I give you some good reasons why we should add Green Smoothies to our daily ritual and how to make one in less than 3 minutes.

Optimal  health i.e. being fit, strong and powerful is an Alpha Male’s obligation.

Green Smoothie for the Alpha Male

A smoothie a day keeps disease at bay

Not all Smoothies are equal

Some store bought green smoothies can be as nutritious as a Nut Sunday from “Macca’s” seriously, they are so loaded with sugar and fat, they make donut king look like a health food store.

Here are some things you need to consider.

  • Sugar. Don’t add sugar. You can add fruit for sweetness if you must. Best options are berries and over ripe bananas. Freeze the bananas before blending for extra creaminess.
  • Dairy can cause serious bloating. Nut milks like almond and coconut milk may be better options for you. Try adding coconut water. That is quite sweet and mixes well.
  • Spices can add flavour and encourage digestion. Spices have many health benefits and can help with inflammation, digestion, disease and fighting cancers. learn more Here      Ginger, cinnamon, tumeric are a few. Just go really easy as it is easier to add a little more than take away.
  • Avocado is great to get some healthy fats and make your smoothie creamier.
  • Add the Greens. It’s called a “Green” Smoothie for a reason. Kale, spinach are easy on digestion. I add broccoli but that can be a bit harder to digest. Dark green veggies have chlorophyll which is another inflammation fighter. If you have sore joints, aches and pains, then greens will help. They are packed with nutrition and that will help synchronise your whole body.
  • Nuts: add in nuts for taste and more good fats. Don’t go overboard on these though, just a few.

The Alpha Male Project Green Smoothie formula to create the ultimate in “nutrition bombs”:

  1. Greens: Kale + spinach 1-2 cups .       
  2. Fats: Avocado 1/4-1/2 and/or nuts 6-10
  3. Liquid: Coconut water or nut milk
  4. Spices: Ginger, cinnamon, tummeric etc (use sparingly)
  5. Fruit (optional) berries or ripe bananas. You might need some to begin with to make something palatable.
  6. Protein: raw eggs, various protein powders (find one that works for you) yoghurt, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond butter.

Personally, I don’t give a “rat’s” what it tastes like, as long as it gives me fuel. I know I’m a little particular in that regard.

Here are 13 recipes to get you started.

Seriously? Man Up my friend and get your greens in. It’s a huge part of being healthy. That is your duty and obligation as an Alpha Male.

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