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Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Beginner Dumbbell Training Very simple beginner workout you can do with just 2 […] Read more.

F@CKING STAND UP! Why we train on our feet.

Sitting, the Death of The Alpha Male. We sit all day. GET UP! […] Read more.

Sydney Kettlebell Workshop

Re-Sitting The StrongFirst Kettlebell Cert 1 Fitness Course – Week 1: My Story, My Reasons

I’m a certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor and own Mojo Strength gym, near Randwick. […] Read more.

Kingsford Fitness Training

The Alpha Male & Alpha Female Project – Old School Strength Training

CAUTION: This post comes from the heart and when I really get fired […] Read more.

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Not Seeing Results From Your Fitness Plan?

Are you happy with your recent results from your fitness plan? Can you […] Read more.

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Eastgardens Fitness Training… Your New Therapy

If you are feeling a bit down, and low in self esteem… What […] Read more.

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Health & Fitness Motivation: “Is Obsession A Dirty Word?”

We should all be trying to do things that improve the quality our lives. […] Read more.

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“A fitness program can’t fix a bad diet” – Chifley Coach

I have many come into the gym asking how they need to train […] Read more.

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Core Fitness To Help You Survive An Emergency

An emergency situation can happen at any time. If it does and you aren’t […] Read more.

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Eastgardens fitness classes: “It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet”

Stop dieting and eat! Yeah, that’s right STOP DIETING! Let me show you […] Read more.