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Doing the 1% ers for Success.

By Peter Bolsius November 28, 2017


Doing the 1% ers for Success.

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on November 28, 2017.

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You don’t need to travel at 100%. Do the 1%ers

When the bear is chasing you, there is no need to be the fastest guy in the group, just a bit faster than the slowest guy. Hey, I’m not advocating mediocrity here, what I am saying is:

If you jump out the gates trying to get everything perfect, you set yourself up for failure.

Small improvements over the long haul leads to success

Improve by 1%

There are plenty of ways we can improve. We want to improve right?

The biggest mistake we make is trying to fix everything at once. We are full of enthusiasm and we go all out and then we end up exhausted and overwhelmed after a week or two. That happens with health, relationships and business. The best way to improve in anything is putting in the time over months and years. The time will pass anyway, we may as well make it count.

I made this mistake recently with my business. I was doing long hours everyday. Getting up at 3.30am and getting to bed at 10.30pm. Trying to get too much done. I burnt myself out. Got sick and became un-productive. What a waste, but a good lesson nonetheless.  

We need to fix one thing at a time and look at an improvement of just 1% everyday. If we do that, we can accomplish so much.  Let’s look at some examples for our health.

  • MindSet: It all starts here. Discipline and consistency come from the mind. It’s coming back everyday and doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Exercise: If we haven’t been doing anything, it’s pointless jumping straight in to 2 hour training sessions. Start by doing 10 minutes. Every day, rain hail or shine, 10 minutes for the next 2 weeks. Then we can look at adding to that. But get the 1% . TRY THIS.
  • Nutrition: Start with breakfast. Don’t try and fix every meal all at once. No stupid diets. we want nutrition. Drop the cereals and milk, we aren’t kids. Protein. Eggs, spinach and salmon, eggs, spinach and bacon, Eggs, spinach and avocado. Steak, spinach and avocado etc. (notice spinach is always there?) It’s not fucking rocket science. Protein and veg at every breakfast.
  • Recovery: Get to bed 15 minutes earlier, set your alarm on your phone 45 minutes before you normally go to bed, get off the electronics and get to bed with your wife for some hanky panky. If that’s not on, try a book. Turn the lights off 15 minutes earlier than usual. Get your recovery.

Just be sure to be consistent. Little and often over the long haul. Turning up and doing the work is 90% of the battle.

Start your 1% HERE:

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