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Botany Personal Trainer Shares 5 Fat Loss Tips

By Peter Bolsius April 4, 2013


Botany Personal Trainer Shares 5 Fat Loss Tips

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on April 4, 2013.

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Hey there,

I just thought I would point out some little secrets, or tricks if you might, that will help boost your metabolism, burn more fat and give you the body you have always been after.

Now in no particular order I’m going to list the five most important things I think are relevant to losing fat.

1) Don’t focus on the scales: Losing weight and losing fat are 2 different things. The mistake most people make is that they look at the scale and as long as it is going down everything is good and if it isn’t going down then things are no good. I’m saying, losing weight is too a generic goal. The weight could be fatloss or waterloss or muscleloss or a mix of all 3. What we want to achieve is fat loss, there can be some water loss but what we don’t want is muscle loss.  So instead, look at the way your clothes fit. Is your waist getting smaller? Are those jeans fitting you better? Does that dress fit you better in the hips?

Look at it this way, if you lose a kilo of fat but put on a kilo of muscle, on the scale your body hasn’t changed at all! Nothing! Nada! Zilch! You’ll feel pretty depressed if you are going off the scale, but….. you have actually altered your body composition by a whopping 2 kilos! That’s a massive change!

2) Diet alone won’t work: Again, you will lose weight on a diet but what are you losing? I’ll tell you what happens. Jennifer gets all excited about her new diet, it’s “the latest” by that TV personality trainer, she follows it to the letter and the weight just falls off, WOW, this is great! Problem is as she gets skinnier, she looks rather “soft” and her metabolism starts to slow and then the weight loss comes to a grinding halt, after another week or 2, Jennifer throws the book to the back of the cupboard in frustration, returns to her old eating habits and the weight piles back on and on and on, she ends up fatter than when she started! (sound familiar?) You need to exercise! Simple, you need to build or at least maintain as much muscle as possible. Muscle is “active”, muscle burns calories, muscles help burn calories all day and night, fat doesn’t. If you don’t exercise, you will lose muscle during your diet period and therefor your calorie burning ability will diminish! You need to keep the “fires” burning with the best possible exercise you can do, like the Hard Core Fat Loss Training System that we do here at Mojo Strength. High intensity fat burning, muscle building exercise. Lose fat, stay toned look great.

What do you want to look like?

3) You can’t out train a bad diet: You can come in here and bust your butt training as hard as you possibly can and you will get results, but…… you won’t get the results you want or in the piccie above if you don’t follow a good nutrition plan. Eating pizza and bacon and egg rolls or muffins is NOT the way to get the body of your dreams. sorry 🙁 However, with a detailed nutrition plan set up by our nutritional expert and a high intensity training program like our Hard Core Fat Loss Training System, you can’t lose. We actually Guarantee results*!!! Yep, If you follow our instructions you will get results guaranteed! Start by eliminating all processed foods. If it doesn’t come off a tree, out of the ground, if it doesn’t run, fly or swim don’t eat it.

4) Eliminate sugar: fat has got a bad wrap for years now it’s all “low fat” this, “reduced fat” that etc, but when you examine the product more closely it’s usually full of sugar! And sugar has been proven to play a dominant role in chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and many cancers. Sugar contains 4 calories to the gram, it has no nutritional value and doesn’t fill you up. If you get rid of the sugar in you coffee for instance and your typical sugar intake corresponded to adding three teaspoons of sugar to your coffee and you have three coffees a day, you could lose more than 7 kgs. a year — simply by eliminating this sugar. Soft drinks, biscuits, ice-cream all have huge amounts of sugar and therefore calories (empty calories). Ditch the sugar, avoid “sugar replacements” so you get rid of the sweet tooth. replace things with real food. A bowl of yoghurt, some raw nuts and sliced strawberries makes a great dessert and has heaps of nutritional value to boot.

5) Hang in there: It didn’t take you 3 weeks to put this weight on so, don’t expect to lose it on 3 weeks either. We ask our trainees to commit to their weightloss goals for at least 3 months. You will see measurable changes in 3 months and if you stick to the plan you will see HUGE results. Be patient and forge ahead 1 workout, 1 meal at a time.

That’s it again from uncle Pete

see ya next time

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