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Beginner Dumbbell Training

Very simple beginner workout you can do with just 2 dumbbells. Most households have a pair of dumbbells lying around, right? It’s time to pull them out and get off the couch.

They don’t need to be heavy for the first several weeks. The point of it is to get you moving and in the habit of training.

You can add weight if they are adjustable, or if they are fixed dumbbells, then try and go faster.

Dumbbell workouts are great because:

  • They are mobile, you can take them pretty well anywhere.   matraville strength training goals
  • You only need a dumbbell or 2
  • You don’t need much space
  • They are versatile. You can do heaps of different exercises
  • They can produce great results

Get World Class Coaching

Not sure how to use them or don’t know what you re doing? Join Mojo Strength and get taught by coaches who have learnt from the best. At Mojo Strength, we re-invest in all our coaches so we know we are the best around.

Build a base: The 4 keys

Push-ups are a simple test of strength. Here’s how we tech them at Alpha male Project 12 Week Challenge.

Regardless of your goals or age, I truly believe everyone needs to improve in 3 main areas of their fitness.

1) Strength

2) Mobility

3) Conditioning (cardio)

Yes, there are other factors that can contribute to better performance, however I believe these 3 are the base of any program that needs to be built to support anything else.

From the competitive athlete to a sedentary IT programmer, everyone should be lifting heavy stuff off the ground, working at moving freely and getting some heavy breathing in under duress.


Weakness is an issue for most people. Making a person stronger, often fixes many other problems.

“Strength is the cup, the bigger the cup, the more of everything else you can fit in.”


What does that mean?

coogee conditioning push-up weight

Add a weighted chain can increase the difficulty of the push-up.

If we have a big strong foundation of strength, then jumping, pushing, pulling, squatting, etc all becomes easier.

You can’t have power without strength. You can’t have speed without strength.


If you can bench press 120kgs for reps, then doing push-ups, putting that heavy suitcase on the top shelf or even lifting yourself out of a pool isn’t going to be an issue, right? You are strong enough for most daily activities.

What if you need to pull someone you love from a burning house or lift something heavy that has fallen on them? You’d want to be strong, wouldn’t you? Well get onto it.


Telling the boys at work “I did 4 T-spine circles this morning.” Isn’t quite as sexy as “I benched 120kgs for reps!” But, it’s just as important. Unfortunately for that same reason, mobility get’s put to the back burner and forgotten there.

As we age, we need to focus more on mobility to undo the damage life inflicts upon us. We sit more, and in general we are less active. Much more so than say our parents and grandparents. Our hip flexors tighten, our pecs get tight and our shoulders round. We are getting older (physically) at a younger age. We need to add more mobility as part of our training.

This is actually easier than it sounds.

Without adding to your training time we slip the mobility in between our strength sets. As active rest. Here’s a whole article on how to do it.


Conditioning, fitness, cardio, being in shape whatever you would like to call it, is the 3rd necessary component to the building a solid foundation to your strength and fitness.

For most men, who want to become fit, strong and powerful, adding conditioning can offer many alphabenefits.

  • Feeling better (it might suck at the beginning but then you feel great)
  • Improved recovery from your strength training.
  • Simple things like keeping up with the kids kicking a ball or playing at the beach.
  • Ability to actually train heavy and hard without running out of breath or driving yourself into the ground.
  • Better sense of well being.

There are plenty of ways to work your conditioning. Running or treadmill maybe one of those, others to consider would be circuit training, complexes kettlebell training, prowler/sled sprints, battling ropes. Mix it up, make it fun.

Balance: Putting it all together.

Some guys focus too much on the conditioning aspect of training and not enough on strength. Others can lift a fucking house but ask them to move more than 500 metres and they turn to dog shit.

We need balance.

Many guys I know want to look and move like a sprinter, however when I ask them what their training looks like they tell me they run 10km on a treadmill everyday.

If you are only running or doing cardio, get into the weight room.

If you are strong as fuck but can’t hold your own running with your kids, then you may need to re-assess your training plan.

It’s about balance. We all need to work on your mobility, period.

In short, don’t workout exclusively to one type of training to the exclusion of the others.

Plan and balance. A typical training session for Alpha Male Project would be:

Warm-up + mobility

Speed (extended warm-up/primer)

Strength + Mobility

Assistance work


Cool down + mobility.

That’s a pretty thorough training program for the average man that wants to be Fit, Strong and Powerful.

If you want to see what Alpha Male Project is all about CLICK HERE, and apply.

It’s great fun, and I guarantee you will be abetter man coming out the other end than you were coming into it.

Any questions, comment below.

Cheers Peter Bolsius.

Head Strength Coach.



 Training with Purpose:

Alpha Male Project, we train with purpose. There are no mirrors, phones are banned from the floor and there is not too much mucking around.

We go into the gym to hit Personal Records and to get results. That’s what training should be like.

Book in your training time. Go in with purpose and determination. Then go home. Peter Bolsius


Training with Purpose sample Program:

Do this 3 times a week with 1 to 2 days rest between.


1) Tyre Flips 3 sets x 5 reps   Heavy & Powerful

2a) Deadlift 5 x 5   (2 x warm-up sets 3 x work sets)

2b) Pull-ups 5 x 5  Replace with iso-holds or recline rows if you can’t do pull-ups yet, add weight if 5s are easy.

3a) Barbell Hang Clean 3 x 8 .  

3b) Barbell Curls 3 x 12 -15

3c) Push-ups on med ball 3 x 12-15

4) Heavy farmer’s Walks 3 x 30-40 metres.


1) Med Ball Throws or Plyo Push-ups 3 sets x 3-5 reps   Strong & Powerful

2a) Bench press 5 x 5   (2 x warm-up sets 3 x work sets)

2b) Bent Rows 5 x 5  (2 x warm-up sets 3 x work sets)

3a) Dumbbell Incline Press 3 x 15-20

3b) Dumbbell Rows 3 x 15-20

3c) Walking Lunges 3 x 10/10

4) Rope slams x 20 EMOM (Each Minute On the Minute) for 5-10 minutes.


1)Long Jump, Box Jump, Shin Hops 3 sets x 3-5 reps  (see video above)

2a) Back Squat 5 x 5   (2 x warm-up sets 3 x work sets) .

Deadlift Strength Training Malabar

Ken, crushing the Deadlift

2b) RDLs 5 x 5  (2 x warm-up sets 3 x work sets)

3a) T-Bar Rows 3 x 8-12

3b) Dumbbell Curl & Press 3 x 10-15

3c) Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 8-12

4) Sleds drags fwd/bwd for 5-10 minutes. (wrap a chain around an old tyre & wheel and drag.)

This is pretty basic, if you do not have some of the equipment change it up, but try and keep the movement similar.

  • If your knees can’t handle lunges and squats, substitute with heavy prowler or sled work.
  • 2a) 2b) are to be done in superset fashion i.e. 1st a( then b) then rest
  • 3a) 3b) 3c) are to done in tri-set fashion. i.e. 31 after the other no rest between. rest 1 minute after 3c)
  • Replace tyre flips with DB Snatches if you do not have a big tyre
  • Eat clean, (paleo/primal is always a good option) rest hard. get 7 hours sleep, love your family and just be a general good guy.

Put Training with Purpose into practice

So you have a plan, you can follow. Dump the phone and the distractions and get in and lift.

If you want some help, reach out.

We have the next round of Alpha Male Project coming up soon. If you want to be part of a team of hard charging men, just like you then CLICK HERE download my FREE e-book and get on the list.



Sitting, the Death of The Alpha Male.

We sit all day. GET UP! It’s Killing You.

It is making us old prematurely. 

As you can see in the video, The body needs to work hard to stabilise the keg. I detest machines and exercises that have you sitting. We sit all fucking day! It’s time to stand on our own 2 feet!



Dr Kelly Starrett

Why We Train On Our Feet.

Sometimes we lie on the bench, sometimes we roll on the ground…..but you will NEVER see Alpha Male Project sitting doing an exercise….EVER! We train on our feet

I even yell at the boys if I see them sit during a rest break.

“But I don’t sit all day” Bullshit!

You sit

  • At breakfast
  • In the car/bus/train
  • At work
  • At Lunch
  • At work again
  • On the way home
  • At the Gym on machines AAaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • At Dinner
  • Watching TV
  • On the Computer/Xbox/Playstation

Shall I continue. Our training needs to be built in a way that promotes opening up our bodies instead of closing them.

A great example would be the kettlebell swing. At the top, the hips are extended. The legs are

Master SFG Fabio Zonin. Notice the bare feet?

locked. Our glutes are switched on, the abs are on the lats are on. We are fully extended.

Change the Way You Do It.

If you are currently sitting doing all your training, consider doing the opposite and train on your feet. See how much you improve. See how much better you move.

Whatever you do, just do not sit anymore.

If you want to try our Alpha Male Project. See HERE:

It’s for guys aged 30-65. We get you Strong Fit & Powerful. No fluff no bullshit.

If you need any help. Contact me. I’ll do all i can to help you get started.

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If I can help you with your training or you need info regarding The Alpha Male Project just let me know.

Slow n steady! Start easy, progress slowly.

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Thanks for reading.

Peter Bolsius Founder Alpha Male Project



WOW! 2 Weekends of Madness!

Here are some highlights of the 2016 Italian SFG level 1. 2017 I don’t think could be any less. 86 Students from 18 different countries, 40 Assistant Coaches, 6 Team leaders, 2 Master instructors. 30 Hours of coaching, practice and testing.

For me, it was not a new experience, but what I got out of it was priceless. To have expert eyes on you for that long, scrutinising form is a wonderful thing.

Get ready to eat humble pie. I suppose it is a lot like broccoli, it doesn’t taste very nice, but you know it is good for you

Peter Bolsius SFG 1 x 3 times

Getting over the line

The weekend started on Friday, in a huge tent covering an indoor soccer stadium. There were people everywhere, forms to fill, waivers and weighing in. T-shirts and manuals getting handed out. People greeting you and guiding you where to go next. It was really well organised, you can see they have done it before.

The day went like this:


  • Introduction of the Master Instructors Shaun Cairns and Fabio Zonin.
  • The Swing, technique then practice (something like 5 hours?)
  • The Get Up.
  • The Clean


  • Revision
  • The Press (Fabio Zonin, very detailed.)
  • The Squat
  • The snatch


  • Revision of the Standards 
  • Testing
  • Grad Workout
  • Cert Presentation

Total 30 hours. i.e. 10 hours a day. They were long, they were full. You would see people rushing out with tears in their eyes as the fatigue would build. Please realise there we performed something like 2,000 swings, several hundred  squats, cleans & snatches, loads of presses, not to mention 3 hours of pressing practice, pressing ladders and some more swings. This is 1 tough Certification.

Sydney 7 Days Later

Arrived in Sydney, 5.00am Wednesday, picked up Shaun & Fabio several hours later. Trained at Mojo Strength with them and set up everything for the following day. 5.00pm Thursday all Assistant’s arrived and re-certified. Quick briefing on what was happening for the weekend and off to dinner. 

Friday, 18 students from 2 countries, 6 Assistant Coaches, myself included, 2 master Instructors. Pretty much a 1 on 2 ratio. Everything went to plan. Most made it, some didn’t. Some need to re-submit a video some need to re-sit the whole cert. Why? StrongFirst holds us to a Higher Standard. “Good enough won’t cut it”

I truely hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I also hope it helps you get over the line with your Cert. If it inspires you to sit the Cert, to test yourself, to challenge yourself, then I have done my job.

If you have any comments or questions, pop them below or email me directlyHERE

If I can help you with your training or you need info regarding workshops and Certs in Sydney, just let me know.

Slow n steady! Start easy, progress slowly.

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Wish me luck. well… you don’t need to, I’ve done the work, Mission Accomplished.

Thanks for reading.

Peter BolsiusKettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1

Age is Just a Number.

We will not surrender to the ageing process. Oh no, we charge hard. Age is just a number. It will not define us.

– Peter Bolsius Owner & Founder.

The Tribe

They come to us.

Some injured through sport, some overweight from years of inactivity, some just looking to improve their self-esteem. But no-one has given up.

Many of us start out overweight, slow and sluggish. Our self esteem and self image lower than we can ever remeber. The kids getting harder and harder to keep up with. Our partner not really noticing us anymore.

Some scared of dying, some… scared of dying alone.

However, we are ALL here for 1 thing….. to build a better self

We come from all walks of life. But we transform. We keep going. We do NOT give up.

Deadlift Strength Training Malabar

Ken Deadlifting 125kgs

 The Story many of us have.

I know there is better.

I know I can become a better version of me.

 I want to look good again, like I did just a few years ago.

 I want to be strong, lean and full of confidence.

 I want to be fit and powerful. I want to be more than I have ever been.

 I know I can do it. I know I need to.

If I don’t do it now, where will I be in 6 months? 2 years?

I’ll start..but where?

 I know I’ll look better, I will feel better. I won’t be scared anymore

 But where do I start?

 How do I change?

 I want it, but what do I do first?

That’s the conversation most of our tribe had with themselves before they came to us.

We all knew we needed to do something that would give us the edge…… But what?

We all knew we needed to do something to slow the clock.

We all knew we needed to “Bullet Proof Our Body” and reclaim some of those years that have somehow slipped by, to get back to where we once were, or a place we have always desired.

But how?

The Mojo Strength Training System

In my experience of 30+ years coaching, I truly believe Strength Training holds the key to reversing many of the adverse affects of ageing and therefore resolving many of those problems so often cited.

So much so, we built an entire training system around it.

Kettlebell Swing

Strength Training is an amazing tool for building lean muscle, burning fat and increasing definition.

It can help us build the level of speed and explosiveness of an elite athlete and the heart of a racehorse!

The Mojo Strength Training System is a culmination of over 30 years coaching and has evolved over 1,000s of hours of 1 on1 and small group training. It works.

A very simple system, to get you from A (Here) to B (where you want to go).

Simple things are easy to understand and do.

Turn up + do what is required = see results.

That’s it. Trust the process.

It’s simple, that doesn’t mean easy.

Be prepared to work hard and do things you didn’t think you could.

Be prepared to be amazed at what you are capable of.

Be prepared to rethink what training is all about.

We will teach you how to get stronger and fitter, how to move well and with ease, and of course……we want you to look good doing it.

We are a school, a School of Strength.

Look better, feel better.

Feel better, think better,

It all links up. It’s all connected.

Why Strength Training?

Well, unlike most gyms that have you sit in a machine to lift a weight or run on a treadmill, we believe YOU should be the machine.

You must have control. You become the machine.

And, just like a Sports car, we have to keep you “oiled”, moving well – a shiny engine and great wheels.

This system was built to get you from zero to hero, simply and efficiently in as little time as possible.
Fountain of Youth

Follow our system to:

  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • Move well
  • Build strength
  • Fortify your mental toughness
  • Look good
  • Feel better about yourself.


You don’t need to do this alone.

It’s easier in a group

Join one of our coaching groups, where everyone is trying to become better versions of themselves.

Mojo Strength is a coaching facility. We don’t throw you into the gym without direction and leave you to your own devices.

We coach you from warm-up to cool down. From breakfast through to dinner.

That’s what we do. We are here for you.

If you go through the system, you will reach your goals.

Overweight? Not anymore.

Weak? Not anymore.

Slow and sluggish? Not anymore.

Low on self esteem? Not anymore.

We only have 1 body. We must look after it.

Mojo Strength was built to help men & women over the age of 30 to get back what they have lost.

That’s it. Fight for it. Get it back and enjoy it.

Is Strength Training at Mojo Strength for me?

Our Strength Training Program is for you if:

  • You are Male or Female over the age of 30
  • You are ready to do what it takes to get results
  • You are looking for a solution even if you have tried many times
  • You want to dramatically improve the quality of your life
  • You are looking for a simple system to get you the results you want without “Bells and Whistles”
  • You want to fit into your clothes, look, feel and BE confident again.

Yes, we work hard, It’s fun but really challenging.

Hang out with people all trying to get results.

Do it for yourself. Feel what it’s like. You can do it. You just have to want to.

If you want change, are ready to do what it takes, let’s give this a go together.

Join us now -> Complete our online application to see if you qualify (1 min).

1 Day to Go

I’m here in Vicenza, A little under 24 hours till the Italian StrongFirst Instructor Cert kicks off.

I am excited.

I’ve got a list of tips and also what to bring on game day for you.

Training over the last 2 weeks has been swings and presses or get-ups with the 28kg bell. Really easy.

I left the bell with my mate in Turin, he has a gym. No point me taking it any further.

The last week before the Cert is rest time. Maybe some movement flows, but if you haven’t done the work now, then a week out won’t make any difference.

We want to head into it fresh and ready. Unfortunately I had a cold/flu. My lungs are still congested but hey, we’ll make it.

Shaun Cairns Master instructor arrived in Vicenza this afternoon. he is about 6km from where we are staying so we will probably catch up later today.

What to Bring:

CT - Sydney Kettelbell Club Eastern Suburbs

Master SFG Shaun Cairns (right) presenting Mojo Strength Coach Chris “CT” Frawley with his StrongFirst Instructor Certificate.

Being prepared is essential. So, make sure you have these items ready. I’ll throw in some tips later down the page,

  • 2-3 T-shirts. Summer or winter you will sweat.
  • Deodorant. No explanation necessary …. please.
  • Snacks. Nuts, seeds, fruit easy to digest stuff that won’t weigh you down.
  • Water. @ Mojo we supply water, but if you want other refreshments bring them along.
  • Food. Usually we go out for lunch, but if you want, bring your own and chill at the gym.
  • Medical tape. You might need it for your hands.They get ripped up. (see tips below next paragraph) 
  • Rapigel (see pic) this stuff has saved many Certs. You are here for 30 + Hours. There will be pain. Animal treatment only? What? (I do not condone the use of animal products on humans) 🙂
  • A towel. No brainer.
  • An emery board (i.e. nail file) file off broken callouses before they rip off
  • Lots of energy and enthusiasm

These are the essentials. If you think of anything else. Bring it!


  1. Use chalk sparingly: Chalk creates friction and tears hands. I don’t understand why guys keep going back to the chalk bowl and then complain their hands are ripped up.
  2. Tape your hands for the snatch skills component: Save your hands for later.
  3. Go at your own pace: During testing, go at a pace that is comfortable for you. You don’t need to keep up with Speed McReed beside you. It’s all about form. Except for the snatch test. There you need to move quickly, but still keep form. What I am saying is, “Don’t rush your skills testing”
  4. Chill: If you have done the work, then don’t sweat. Just do what’s gotta be done.
  5. Parking: Important Friday park out on the street, Saturday + Sunday you can park inside the complex.

Are you ready? Sydney Cert is about 8 days away. WooooHoooo.

SIGN UP TO THE CERT HERE if you haven’t already. If you don’t feel ready, just remember you have 12 weeks after the cert to get across the line. We can help.

If you have any comments or questions, pop them below or email me directlyHERE

If I can help you with your training or you need info regarding workshops and Certs in Sydney, just let me know.

Slow n steady! Start easy, progress slowly.

If you like these posts, please comment, share them and get the word out.

Wish me luck. well… you don’t need to, I’ve done the work, I am ready!

Thanks for reading.

Peter BolsiusKettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1

This was Crazy. We Ran, Are You Fit to Survive?

This video shows the moment mass hysteria broke out at the Juve v Madrid public showing in a square in Turin Italy. It turned into total chaos and panic.

We were there, we were lucky. After the score became 3-1 Madrid’s way (we are in deep Juve country here), we left as I said, “this might get ugly.”

not 2 minutes into our walk, people came running and screaming down towards us.

What do you do in that situation? Run!

I thought I was going to be crushed (girl from Turin)

The Mess, The Chaos 

There were broken glass bottles everywhere, as people had just put them on the ground after drinking them, so when everyone stampeded, many lost shoes in the chaos and had to run through broken glass! People running and screaming, the sound got louder as more people ran towards us. “F#ck, Let’s go!”

Fot to Survive

Are You Fit to Survive?

The lack of fitness, and how it affected so many was startling. You start running, so many in panic, and they can’t run 200 metres without being out of breath! The look of fear and helplessness, even 1 young guy who was probably not even 20, was struggling.

Several groups managed to open a large door to a residence building and hide. They were freaking because they couldn’t run any further. That must be a scary feeling.

Home for us was only a few blocks away. We kept going. We had to get there! It’s a crazy situation. We just saw 100s of people running and screaming! We ran. But the look of suffering on some faces as they struggled to run! People kept coming but they were already exhausted. I can only imagine how that must add to the fear and panic!

I have written about this before, but honestly, really didn’t think I’d be in the middle of something like this.

Obviously, we know it can happen, but what are the chances? This day and age, chances are much higher.

Here’s a clip of Tina and I just before this happened.

I still don’t know what caused it, 1 thing I do know? Being fit to survive gave us much more peace of mind.

Was it scary? Yes, but knowing you can run and crawl and jump and move just makes you feel a little bit better.

That’s just something to think about when you next go into the gym or park to train or do what you do. Train to be fit to survive!

Have a peaceful and wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.

Peter BolsiusKettlebell Instructor Peter Bolsius SFG1


Master The Gray Cook Carry Exercise

Great exercise for solder mobility and stability.

Great for your core strength and general stability as you counter the weight.

Focus on your technique.

Practice makes permanent. Concentrate on your form in every rep.

Good Gray Cook Cary Routine to Practice:

1-3 rounds of 30 metres.

  • 30 m overhead
  • 30 m rack carry
  • 30 m suitcase carry
  • change sides and repeat the above.

For more in-depth coaching contact us.