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Core Fitness To Help You Survive An Emergency

By Peter Bolsius August 5, 2012


Core Fitness To Help You Survive An Emergency

Posted in by Peter Bolsius on August 5, 2012.

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An emergency situation can happen at any time. If it does and you aren’t ready, who knows how you will come out? These are the questions I ask all the girls at the Alpha Female Project near Hillsdale when we train. Let me show you how increasing your core fitness can improve your chances of being able to handle such an event.

Front line service people need core fitness

If you are a front line guy or gal, e.g firefighter, cop or ambo, the chances of you being in an emergency situation multiplies by the thousand. You guys face this stuff everyday!

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Could I have done better if I was fitter? Maybe I might have beaten that guy, had I been stronger? Should I have carried that lady? Could I have jumped that fence?” Or even worse, “Could I have saved that person?”

Being strong, agile and having core fitness is a state of being we should all be in, regardless of our age or profession. It is an obligation to ourselves, our families and our community.

Maybe one day you might need to lift a heavy object off someone to free them, would you know how to do it effectively? Watch my tutorial below to properly perform a tyre flip, these types of exercises will prepare you for such an event:

Train for real life, not the mirror

Bodybuilding style training and workouts just don’t cut it, either does your boring old 3, or 4, or even 10km run. When have you ever got to an emergency and said, “…Oh, I’ll just pace myself here.” Because that is how you train? Never!

Slow steady constant rhythmic movements and training won’t help you in an emergency. They don’t build the speed, the agility, the stamina or the explosive core fitness you need to rip that car door open, grab that 75 kg person and carry them 100 metres to safety. It won’t help you in a fight either, as a fight usually lasts only a few seconds!

You need to be able to run, jump, carry, push, pull, shove, flip, drop, sprint, roll, lift and a whole lot of other things and then be able to do it all again!

hillsdale core fitness bear crawl

We teach tactical exercises, that improve core fitness and make you ready for anything.

Mojo Strength training will give you the core fitness necessary for an emergency

Here at Mojo Strength, we truly believe in what we do. We believe we can get you into the shape you NEED to be in to perform at your best, and be an asset to your colleagues. Our sessions encompass heavy lifting, a lot of work and a lot of intensity in a short period of time. We try and make it as close to the real thing as we possibly can! So if you are a “frontliner” or just someone who wants to get into great shape and ready for anything, Mojo Strength is the place for you.

Looking to improve your core fitness so you can survive an emergency in Hillsdale?

If you need help setting and achieving your goals contact the team at Mojo Strength. 

We help people move well, lift heavy, be awesome.

Perfect for those that live locally, including those in Hillsdale.

Thanks for reading.

hillsdale core fitnesslPeter Bolsius SFG1

Owner & Founder Mojo Strength Sydney & The Alpha Project


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