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Expert Kettlebell & Barbell Training
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Learn how to lift correctly and safely by a certified StrongFirst Coach. We specialise in 1 on 1 or come with friends and do small group coaching on all the main lifts.

This is coaching, NOT a workout. We will evaluate your form, work on drills and set the stage for improvements in all your lifts.

If it is entertainment you want, you won’t find it here. We live by the “Inch wide, mile deep” philosophy, which means a small amount of movements done extremely well.

If you have injured yourself doing an exercise, it is probably the way you were doing the movement that caused the injury, not necessarily the movement itself.

We encourage “practice” sessions over workouts, like the ballerina perfecting her pirouette.

    Mindful practice the Swing


    Work with me on a 1 on 1 basis for expert coaching. Apply Now!

    Kettlebell Movements:   

    • swings,
    • get-ups,
    • cleans,
    • snatches,
    • presses,
    • squats,

    Barbell Movements:

    • Bench Press
    • Military Press
    • Deadlift (Sumo & Conventional)
    • Back Squat
    • Front Squat
    • Zercher Squat
    • Good Morning


    Our coaches are part of  just a handful of StrongFirst Certified Instructors in Sydney’s Eastern beaches. The highest level of kettlebell, bodyweight and barbell instructors in the world.

    Over 30 years of experience! 

    If you are a coach or PT, become the best coach you can. Work with the best.

    What To Expect

    • Expert skills coaching in our exclusive results driven training system.
    • Practice sessions with drills mapped out for you to do anywhere, anytime. 
    • Preparation for any up-coming StrongFirst Certification.