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Adam decided enough was enough!

“Solid principle based training and nutrition trumps fancy bullshit programs any day.”

Peter Bolsius Alpha Male Project

Adam’s Story:


Adam is a transport manager  in his late 30s.

Alpha Male Project

Abs lost over 40kgs. Changed his life!


Adam was at the lowest point in his life. Recently married with 4 young babies, he was struggling to say the least. His self esteem was low, his work life was suffering. He was disconnected with his partner, overweight and very unfit.


Adam came in charging! Ready for change. he took everything we said on board and ran with it. We showed him what  “Real Food” nutrition looked like. We also got him lifting weights 3 times a week. he turned up relentlessly and put in the effort. We are very proud of him.


Adam hung around for about 3 years. In that time he lost 48kgs and has managed to keep it off. He was recently promoted and moved out of the area but keeps in touch. He is still training and has the tools, knowledge and the built in discipline to keep at it.

I asked his wife her thoughts…she said “I’m in love with my husband again”

That’s a pretty cool story don’t you think?


Adam lost 48kgs















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